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Pentareddy n


🇮🇳🧠pentareddy n is a Serial entrepreneur FOUNDER & CEO of

global business and it consultant with 5 years of experience

spend time creating content, actively mentors and coaches’ start-ups and entrepreneurs

and other stakeholders!

professional journey

I have had the opportunity to work across various workstreams.

My professional journey includes experiences on

Accessibility, Policy advocacy, Strategic Initiatives, Operations & Compliance.

strategy planning

digital transformation

leadership development

change management

business transformation


technological  advancement

and more!

With deep passion and growth mindset I work with diverse individuals, groups and organizations

AND other stakeholders!

to enable and empower them in their Digital inclusion journey.

I believe in Accessible technologies and advocate its use for a diverse and inclusive workplace.

My mission to create an impact in lives of people through technology inspires me to talk about inclusive design principles and use of inclusive tech solutions.

I am an active speaker at key Government forums, Industry bodies, think tanks, Academic institutions and private sector.

A Strategic and solutions oriented professional, my core competencies include: Policy Advocacy and Evangelism, Program Management, Operational Excellence, Ethics & Compliance, Organizational Effectiveness and Process improvements digital transformation leadership development

technological  advancement

change management

strategy planning  

and more!

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