Fresher’s Interview, 1 of 2

Tell me something about yourself., 1 of 26, In list, 26 items

– Good Morning and Thank You for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself.

– I am Nikhil Mathew from Delhi.

– I have done my B.Tech in Information Technology from Delhi University.

– I have done my internship/project with TCS, Banglore for 6 months, where I learnt various technical & non-technical skills.

– At TCS, I worked practically on different technologies like Unix, Java & mySQL.

– My hobbies are playing cricket, tennis and carrom. I like to watch movies on holidays/weekends., In pager

Why did you select an Engineering ?, 2 of 26

– I love engineering because engineers create things that really matter.

– For example, all the doctors depend on the x-ray machines which are designed by the engineers.

– Apart from this, there are lot of job opportunities available in the market, which helps ensure that I’ll be able to help my family financially after graduation.

Why did you select an MBA ?, 3 of 26

– My manager was my inspiration to do an M.B.A.

– I have always seen him handling multiple task, teams & clients whole day.

– His guidance and an inclination towards understanding the business issues has led me to persue my M.B.A.

– Motivation by my uncle, who is a Manager in Essar Steel, also played an important role.

Why should we hire you ?, 4 of 26

I feel there are 4 reasons why you should hire me.

– One, I am very aggressive & focused person who likes to overcome challenges.

– Second, I am a team player with good knowledge on sales management.

– Third, I am looking for a long-term career with your organization.

– Fourth, I feel that the role and exposure to knowledge which your company will provide me is totally inline with my expectations and interests.

What are your strengths ?, 5 of 26

Some of the Strengths are listed below :

– Energetic, Clever, Imaginative, Witty, Adaptable, Humanitarian, Resourceful, Loyal

– Inventive, Original, Accepting, Devoted, Imaginative, Independent, Compassionate

– Generous, Optimistic, Enthusiatic, Courageous, Dependable, Persistent, Patient

– Caring, Responsive, Confident, Ambitious, Encouraging, Analytical, Observant

– Helpful, Reliable, Precise, Diplomatic, Idealistic, Hospitable, Passionate, Responsible.

What are your weaknesses ?, 6 of 26

(a) Self-involved : When I am onto something, I focus & give my 100%, which keeps me busy whole day.

(b) Possesive : I am very possesive about my work.

(c) If I fail at something, I keep doing it until I get it right.

(d) Restless : I am very hard-working and that leaves a very less time for leasure activities.

(e) Self-absorbed : Sometimes I skip my lunches to complete the tasks I am on to.

(f) Cool : I am not a hardcore aggressive person. I take my own time to think & come to the concrete solutions.

Are you a team player ?, 7 of 26

– I am strongly a team player.

– I have always believed that 2+2=5. Team can always have better decisions than individuals.

– Team always brings in various point-of-view and myriad innovative solutions.

– At TCS, we used to meet on a daily basis to solve complex design issues for our client.

What are you passionate about ?, 8 of 26

– I am very passionate about cycling.

– I have bought myself a bidwin & go for cycling once a day preferrably in morning.

– I had also gone for Himalaya Cycling Trek, where we went on cycling in to the forest of Himalayan.

– Every morning cycling freshens up my mind and starts my day well.

What is your dream Job ?, 9 of 26

– My dream job is Marketing Head for a reputed firm like yours.

– And the Sales role which I have applied for is the beginning of my journey towards my goal.

– Also I am ready to give my best for achieving the goal.

What do you think about money ?, 10 of 26

– Money comes second to knowledge.

– It is never a priority for me.

– As, I am the only earning member of my family.

– I need a decent package that can help me save 15000 Rs. every month for future expenses.

What are your expectations from this Job ?, 11 of 26

Some of my expectations from this job are

– Learning new things over the period

– Good exposure to client communication and obviously a good pay that justify my role and skills, In pager

Where do you see yourself five years from now ?, 12 of 26

– I see myself as becoming more skilled, more efficient, and more professional, better person and at higher position in the company that would never loose me at any cost.

– I want to devote the next few years learning new skills, taking up challenging jobs and putting in my hard work to grow.

– This will help me become smarter and more professional at work. Also, I would like to develop my leadership skills and hopefully see myself advancing to the next level.

Why do you want this Job ?, 13 of 26

– I am looking at this role as an opportunity and according to me your company is the best platform for me to start a long-term career.

– It will definitely help me to gain experience, knowledge for my career growth which will be in turn also helpful for your company.

– When you work with some of the best people in the industry, you learn a lot.

This is one of the primary reasons for joining your reputed organization., In pager

What is your long-term goal ?, 14 of 26

My long term goal is to,

– Live a happy life and have my own small online business

– Grow in a company to a senior position

– Help poor and needy people

– Live in my hometown with my parents., In pager

Would you lie for the company ?, 15 of 26

– No,I won’t.

– It is against my personal ethics

– Plus, I think that there is always a better way rather than lying which never guarantees a repeat business.

– People who lie has to suffer at the end. For example, Satyam scandal, Vijay Malya, etc.

Explain why you’ll be an asset for our company ?, 16 of 26

I’ll be an asset to your company because of,

– My skills

– Helpful nature

– Relevant experience

– Passion for work

What motivates you to do a good job ?, 17 of 26

– Friends, Family, Guide

– Self-motivation

– Passionate about something

– I don’t rely on someone to motivate me

– Read motivational books suggested by my father

What makes you angry ?, 18 of 26

– Someone judging my decisions without knowing the cause behind the decision

– When someone lies

– I don’t like politics

Give an example of your creativity., 19 of 26

I used question paper as a scale in the exam because I forgot the scale at home.

What would you say if your manager is crazy about an idea, but you think it stinks ?, 20 of 26

– I would present my opinion to the manager and a probable solution with its benefits and wait for boss’ opinion.

– Managers have lot of industry experience and can most of the times see a big picture.

How long would you expect to work if hired ?, 21 of 26

I’m looking for a long-term commitment of minimum 3 years

Describe your ideal company, location and role ?, 22 of 26

– Name the industry where your dream company lies

– Location near your home

– Role

– Also accept reality that it is not possible to get all 3 together

What do you know about our company ?, 23 of 26

– Company Products

– Stock Price and Recent Developments

– Vision and Mission

Why do you want to join our company and not any other ?, 24 of 26

– Ethics of company

– Job role matches your passion

– Learn from peers

– Become a part of something special

– Near to Home

– Suggested by an alumni or a friend

Are you willing to relocate or travel ?, 25 of 26

– Yes, I’m

– No, I can’t because of my father’s bad health.

– Sometimes okay : Give % of time you can travel

Do you have any questions for me ?, 26 of 26, In list, 26 items

– What a day at your company looks like ?

– How would you rate this interview out of 10

– What will be my role exactly if I am given an opportunity ?

– How do you train new joinees?