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Ethics and Policies!

Whistle Blower policy:

Our Whistleblower Policy allows employees to report any instance of unethical behaviour, actual or suspected fraud or violation of our code of conduct without fear of reproach.


Code of Conduct for directors and senior management:

A company’s code of conduct reflects the daily operations, core values, and culture. ETC ,

all the members of the senior management and   directors are dedicated towards the growth and learning of its employees while delivery the best quality to our customers And other stakeholders.

CSR Policy:

Reaching out to underserved communities is part of our DNA at and we believe that we have a firm responsibility to our stakeholders and society as a organization.

POSH Policy:

Our Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy is designed to protect women and promote a healthy work culture


Quality Policy:

Our stringent quality policy enables us to put quality first every time and in everything we do. It helps us deliver only the best for our customers. and other stakeholders.


Food Safety Policy:

We strive to deliver products that meet all the regulatory and statutory requirements of food safety.


Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Policy

The OHS Policy safeguards the health and safety of all our employees and other stakeholders while they’re at the workplace.


Collaboration policy: leaders display a firm-first approach and firmly believe that great teams outdo groups of great Individuals any day. we drive innovation cross- functional collaboration encouraging constant introspection and conflict resolution.


Innovation policy:  leaders display curiosity, encourage experimentation and exemplify innovative thinking in creating better disruptive business  Better Governance and customer solutions that are sustainable and environmentally safe.


Integrity policy:  leaders pursue highest standards of objectivity, honesty and transparency. we create a trusting environment where everyone speaks up their mind resulting in everyone committing to the better innovation  ideas better governance new and innovative  business  we always do the right thing even when no one is looking.


Growing Talent policy:  leaders identify, attract, nurture, promote and retain the very best of talent. we gauge their own success basis the talent they have groomed and built.  leaders create a culture of meritocracy and accelerated leadership development.


Customer Obsession policy:  leaders understand customer’s evolving needs and aspirations, obsess 24X7 on improving customer’s experience, and vigorously advocate their needs within the organization.


Frugality policy:  leaders simplify things, are effective and hence achieve lowest cost per unit in most activities, and repeatedly deliver  with less.


Grit policy: leaders think audaciously and possess unusual resilience. we learn and improve from setbacks and failures and keep going while rallying everyone in the team until the goal is accomplished. we combine sharp analysis & sound judgement and value speed in decision making with calculated risks.