What to Do on Your First Date

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What to Do on Your First Date

What to Do on Your First Date

So you’ve met a great girl and you have her number (or maybe she has yours). You think this is going to be a great relationship—the trick is how to get it started on the right foot. The first date counts for a lot, so make sure you make a strong effort to show your date just how much you want to make it a pleasant experience. The following twenty-five tips will help you do just that!

26) If a woman is interested in you and has given you her phone number, she is going to be very eager for your call—so don’t make her wait!

You’ve probably heard girls joke about “waiting by the phone” for a guy to call. Well, obviously women have their own lives and don’t spend all their time sitting around waiting for a man to pick up the phone! But it is true that women tend to devote a lot of energy to thinking about when a man will call or why he hasn’t already called. If you’ve gotten a woman’s number and have told her that you will call, call within a few days at most. Don’t make her wait for weeks and weeks.

27) Your date will know by your date invitation whether or not you paid attention to what she said she likes.

Let’s say that when you first met this girl at a bar, she spent an half-hour talking about how much she loves films. It would be a great idea for you to ask her out to the movies for your first date. If she told you she likes classics, look through your local newspapers to see if there are any revivals playing nearby. By paying attention to what she tells you, you can easily figure out what would make a great and memorable first date.

28) Know that your date will be checking out your appearance, so put some effort into it.

Unless your first date is taking place in a barn—and I hope it’s not—don’t show up in a tee-shirt and grimy old cut-off jeans. Put some thought into your appearance, and pick out a nice outfit that you feel comfortable in. A nice shirt and tie and a clean, pressed pair of pants are a good bet for a casual dinner. If you are in doubt, ask a female friend for advice. Girls have a tendency to scan for information about your character based on the way you dress and how you carry yourself! Yes! Their brains are constantly working that hard during her date with you. So, be sure to make use of her strength to your advantage if you want to capture her heart.

29) Grooming is important, too!

Not only is your date going to be checking out your clothes, but she’s going to be paying attention to your grooming, too. Cut your nails, shave, brush your teeth, and put on some nice cologne before you head out the door.

30) Pick her up, or at least offer to.

It’s a nice, romantic gesture to offer to pick your date up from her home. She’ll be impressed if you ask.

31) Girls take longer than guys to get ready, so be prepared for a little delay.

If you arrive at your date’s house and she’s still getting ready, just go with the flow. Girls generally tend to take longer to get ready to go out than their male counterparts, so don’t be rude or impatient. Just try and take it in stride. Don’t yell at her to hurry up. If you are really pressed for time, gently remind her that you have reservations, and then offer to call to push them back. She’ll get the hint, and you’ll come off looking like a gentleman.

32) Women tend to be self-conscious about how they look, so compliment her on her appearance.

Now that you know that women tend to spend a longer time than you getting ready, you probably understand that it’s important to compliment your date on how she looks. Pick a feature that she seems proud of or that you really think is attractive, and then say something nice about it: “Your hair really looks beautiful” or “You look fantastic in that dress.” Or, just a simple “You look wonderful tonight” will do the trick nicely.

33) Girls love flowers!

A lot of guys don’t do this anymore, but it’s sweet gesture that will really make your date think you’re a gentleman.

34) Regardless of what you may have heard, chivalry is not dead!

Women still expect and like it when you are romantic and respectful, at least on the first few dates. Opening doors, offering to pick up the check, and pulling out her chair at dinner are all little ways you can show that you’re a real gentleman.

35) Don’t monopolize the conversation

Don’t do all the talking! Make sure you ask questions and let your date get in on the conversation.

36) Women don’t like hearing you talk about your ex.

Nothing is less of a new relationship killer than talking constantly about your ex-girlfriend. Your date doesn’t want to hear all about your last relationship; she wants you to focus on this one! If things get serious, you’ll probably end up discussing past relationships later on, but your first date is NOT the time or place!

37) Steer clear of any discussions that could make your date feel uncomfortable.

Now may not be the time to go on a rant about religion or politics, even if you feel really passionate about those topics. Unless you have a specific rule, like you don’t want to date someone outside your own religion or with a different political affiliation, these are topics best left for another time.

38) Women are very observant, and they will notice if you aren’t paying full attention to them.

Now don’t freak out your date by constantly staring at her, but don’t look down into your food the whole time or gaze around at all the hot women walking by. Maintain good eye contact with your date to show that you are really into her.

39) Women will pick up on your body language, so watch how you sit and behave.

Glancing at your watch, crossing your arms or fidgeting all give off the sign that you are not into your date and just want to get the heck out of there! Well, if that’s really the case, fine; but if you like this girl, be careful not to accidentally give off physical signs that you just aren’t that into her! Remember, women are very observant and will notice things like this!

40) Women get turned off really quickly when you talk or even joke about things that they find offensive.

Don’t talk about your stash of dope or that time you hit a cat with your car. If you offend her on the first date, you can bet that there won’t be a second date!

41) Don’t get too physical right away.

If you’re at a movie or walking through the park, and you feel comfortable with your date, it may be nice to take her hand gently. But don’t grope her bottom or try to jam your tongue in her mouth on a first date! Women hate that kind of brute forwardness, so keep it buttoned up!

42) Women hate posturing and phoniness.

Don’t project an aura of something you are not. If you’re a nice guy, don’t try to act like a macho dude, even if you think that’s what girls want. You’ll just come across as a phony.

43) Show her that you care—women like to be asked questions that pertain to their interests and lives.

For instance, ask her about a book she’s been reading recently. Ask what her favorite hobbies are. Ask what kinds of food she likes, or what her favorite movie is. If you are stumped for conversation, a good fail-safe is to ask about her family, where she grew up or where she went to school.

44) Regardless of what you may have heard, women still expect you to pay for dinner or at least offer to pay.

I know that a lot of women these days proclaim to be feminists and don’t like to be treated differently, but when it comes to dating, women tend to be a little old-fashioned sometimes. At least offer to pay, and then see how your date reacts. If she stubbornly refuses to let you pay for her, offer to split the bill. If she seems to be okay with you paying, pick up the tab. It makes you look chivalrous and makes her feel taken care of.

45) Women pay attention to what you do (or don’t do) at the end of the date, too.

It’s not just first impressions that count. What you do at the end of the date is going to leave a lasting impression as well as what you did at the beginning. When you get up to leave—whether you’re at a restaurant or a movie or whatever—try and be chivalrous. Get up and help her out of her chair, get her coat and help her into it, open the door on the way out, and so on. Your date will really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

46) If the date went well—and if it did, you’ll feel it—your girl is probably going to want a goodnight kiss.

Yes, the first-date goodnight kiss can be a nice way to end things, but you need to make sure that’s what she wants. If she lingers at her door or touches your arm or smiles at you while staring into your eyes, you’re good to go! Just make it a nice sweet kiss and not a full-on tongue-swapping session.

47) If it doesn’t seem like she wants a kiss, don’t force it.

Sometimes girls are shy, or maybe the date just wasn’t that great and she doesn’t want a kiss. If this is the case, you’re better off just avoiding the issue, otherwise she might get annoyed. If she’s not smiling or not making any physical contact, or if she seems eager to get back home and is checking her watch, just let things alone and don’t try to force a kiss.

48) Don’t expect sex.

Most women won’t want to sleep with you on the first date. Don’t get your hopes up. Enough said.

49) If you say you will call, don’t take your sweet time.

Women tend to run home from a date and check their messages to see if you’ve called or emailed. Now, I’m not saying you should call right after you leave the restaurant; but if you like the women and you want to keep seeing her, don’t play it cool. Call the next day to say how much you enjoyed the time you spent together. Don’t wait a week to show how “macho” you are, because that will just make your date incredibly angry and hurt.

50) Women are just as eager to get things going as men.

Know that when you call after the first date, she will probably be expecting you to ask her out on another date, so be prepared and have a few options in mind.

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