“ What is Meditation ? ”

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“ What is Meditation ? ”
Meditation is the grand portal to the Kingdom of Spiritual Wisdom
and it revolutionizes our spiritual growth.
In simple language.. Meditation is “ total cessation.. or ending.. of
the restless, useless, wasteful thought-stream of the mind ”. A
state, free from all stray and idle thoughts, meditation is the grand
gateway to obtain cosmic energy and cosmic intelligence that
surrounds us.
With regular and deep practice, we do reach altered states of
consciousness or higher frequencies and experience bliss quite
Anyone can practice Meditation without necessarily holding on to
any religious or mystical philosophy.
Meditation means making our mind ‘rather empty’. Once our mind
is more or less empty, we have a tremendous capability of receiving
cosmic energy and cosmic information surrounding us. This leads to
good health and absolute clarity in thought processes leading to a
joyous life!
“ Meditation is Very Very Easy ”
Breathing should be natural, without any effort on our part. There
should not be any holding or stopping of the Breath. Whenever the
mind wanders, one has to consciously cut the “ stray thoughts ” and
bring one’s attention back again and again to the natural rhythm of
breathing. Relax, and become the grand ‘ observer ‘ of the Breath !
Meditation is very, very easy to practice.
Being conscious of the normal breathing process means, no
unnecessary thoughts are allowed to occupy our mind ; unnecessary
thoughts distract us and scatter our SOUL’s energy.
‘ Apana ‘ means ‘ Out-Breath ‘
In “ Anapanasati ”.. one needs to maintain normal breathing. Breathe
calmly ! The task on hand is to consciously observe the naturally
happening Breath.
In ‘ Pali ‘ language,
Stray thoughts should be brought to a halt as and when they keep
arising. “ Observation ” means, we are not influencing the Breath in
any way with any of our material senses or thoughts; we are simply
observing it.
It is so very simple. One should immediately begin with the practice
of ‘ Anapanasati ‘ in which one needs to be mindful of one’s Natural
Gautama Buddha taught this technique of meditation two thousand
and five hundred years ago.
‘ Ana ‘ means ‘ In-Breath ‘
‘ Sati ‘ means ‘ Observe ‘
In .. .. the beginning, it is of course useful to meditate in the presence
of Senior Masters. They have higher energy levels and the energy
flows from .. .. them to the beginners who, of course have lower levels
of energy.
One need not go to any particular ‘ashram’ or a ‘holy’ place and give up
our normal activities as a house-holder to be an Anapanasati
We must carry on with our normal .. .. life be in our normal conditions
and see how the power of meditation transforms us and helps us to do
better in every sphere.
The Science of Meditation is the science of energy-maximization
and the science of the activation of our ‘ extra-sensory perception ‘
or the ‘ third-eye ‘.
Meditation .. .. in the beginning means making the worldly-mind
calm. Soon, a deep spiritual restful-state is attained. When the largely
inconsequential worldly-mind becomes rather empty, a huge amount
of cosmic energy begins to flood into the physical body. As we keep
on meditating, newer and newer vistas of profound experiences
enfold us and we reconnect with the cosmic consciousness.
Meditation means entering into a world of wonders awaiting to be
experienced. The more we keep practising meditation, the easier it
“ Science of Meditation ”
“ Science of Meditation ”
One can meditate at any time of one’s choosing according to what
suits one’s convenience. However, it is important to practise
meditation regularly .. every day .. that is all that is needed.
Meditation is the greatest gift, which can be given by our own efforts
to our own lives. Spiritual Health is a very important and integral part
of the Holistic Health needed in human beings. Spiritual Health is the
root and Physical Health is the fruit.
The important thing is to just meditate, ignoring the ‘ how ‘ and ‘ why ‘
of the matter ! Everything else will fall in place once we begin this
timeless practice of the ancient Rishis and all current Living Masters.
Once we learn the “ Anapanasati Technique ”, there is no need to be
in the presence of a Master or “ Guru ”. We may practice Anapanasati
at will, on our own. However, one needs to practise meditation on a
regular basis. Consistency is the name of the game. Initially, there
will be some resistance as we strive to tame our’ monkey-mind ‘, but
it gets easier and easier with repeated everyday effort.
“ Three Grand Happenings ”
The First Happening : When we are with the normal and natural
flow of the BREATH, the mind becomes rather empty.
The Second Happening : When the mind is rather empty, a huge
amount of cosmic energy gets flooded into the physical body.
The Third Happening : When sufficient amount of cosmic energy
enters the physical body, the result is a reasonable amount of
activation of the ‘ third-eye ‘.
Though the different stages in meditation cannot be clearly
earmarked from one another with any definitive boundary line, for
our own understanding, here are “ Three Stages ” or “ Three Grand
Happenings ”.
As a meditator begins his meditational journey, he/she is able to
observe his/her thoughts and the truth objectively.
The culminating result in meditation is the activation of our ‘ inner
senses ‘ or ‘ extra-sensory perception ‘ or the ‘ third-eye ‘.
He/she then starts traveling from grosser truths to subtler truths and
finally witnesses the Ultimate Truth. This grand voyage in
consciousness can only be done by exploring the reality within
“ Anyone can Meditate ”
While sitting down for meditation, concentration comes to children
quite easily. Adults have to try a little harder to tame their ‘ monkey
mind ‘ that jumps constantly from one thought to another.
In fact, children take to meditation faster and in an easier way
compared to adults as children have such simple minds.
Irrespective of one’s creed, color or religion, one should practice this
universal art every day .. at a time of their own choosing. ..
“ Posture for Meditation ”
To meditate, we can sit in any comfortable posture. Feet should be
crossed or legs folded; hands should be clasped. And, eyes should be
closed.. because eighty percent of the stimulation to our brain
happens only through our eyes. Closing our eyes will restrict the
‘ outward ‘ flow of 80% of body’s energy.
The objective of meditation is to stop all the routine and useless
wanderings of the mind. Simply observe your breath, instead of
spending too much time thinking about ‘this and that’, and let your
journey begin.
Meditation .. is the ability to have clarity untainted by feelings,
attitudes, memories, negative .. thinking while not allowing other
irrelevant thoughts to enter our mind. Once this is accomplished, we
are in control of our thinking and we are firmly on the road to develop
spiritual powers at will !
“ Meditation .. for How Long ? ”
It is ancient wisdom that one can vitally recharge every cell of the
body by taking to meditation and by the exercise of will to tap the
cosmic source of energy.
One can meditate at any time of the day according to one’s own
convenience. If a 50 year old wants to break up his meditation
.. session into two sessions of twenty five minutes each during the day
it is ‘okay’ initially.
One very natural query is, “ For how long should one sit for
meditation ? Is there any thumb-rule that works for everyone ? ”
Yes .. there is ! !
Meditation is the first step towards controlling our material mind
and outward .. senses. While meditating deeply, time passes quickly
so do not be surprised if fifteen or thirty minutes in meditation seem
like five !
Meditate for a minute corresponding to every one year of your
age. So, if you are 20 years of age, start with twenty minutes of
meditation in a day; if you are 40 years of age, you need to meditate
.. for forty minutes and, if you are 60 years of age, sixty minutes of
meditation in a day is sufficient.
Any struggle to keep eyes closed and keep thoughts away is only in
the initial stages. Once you are into deeper levels of meditation, you
.. tend to lose track of time as it is only in the material world that we do
have a sense of time. In meditation, the Soul/ Self gets connected to
“ Experiences during Meditation ”
l A’ whirling sensation ‘from within
l One may ‘ see ‘ colours, one or more of them
l A .. feeling of mild to severe ‘ pain ‘ especially in the lower back
Depending on the intensity of our meditation and our particular
evolutionary needs, initially, we may get many custom-made
experiences. For example, a beginner in meditation may experience
one or more of the following:
l A .. feeling of ‘ lightness ‘ in the physical body as if the body is
l Afeeling of’ heaviness ‘ in the head or any other part of the body
l One may feel as if one is ‘ floating ‘ in the air or flying like a bird
l Clear and ‘ vivid visions ‘ may be seen of natural scenery or of
places of worship or of deities or gurus etc. These are known as
‘ third-eye visions ‘
“ Exchange of Experiences ”
We can also self-assess or evaluate our progress by exchanging our
experiences with other senior meditators. Everyone benefits from this
simple and magnificent ancient Art and Science of “ Anapanasati ”.
As we proceed further in our spiritual journey through more and more
regular meditation, we begin to understand each and every physical
experience and this will lead to a greater transformation within.
All experiences experienced in the process of meditation should
readily be shared with other meditators. We must not be judgmental
or entertain any doubts about these experiences.
“ Benefits of Meditation ”
Benefits of taking to Meditation are manifold :
µ Thought power gets tremendously boosted Ability to discern ..
.. ‘ right’ from ‘wrong’ gets sharpened
µ All work gets done with greater efficiency ..
µ Sleep-time requirements get reduced ..
µ Mind always stays in a peaceful and joyous state ..
µ Wasteful habits die a natural death ..
µ Healing happens naturally ..
µ Memory power increases ..
µ Relationships become more meaningful and fulfilling ..
µ Purpose of life is better understood ..
“ Benefits of Meditation ”
µ Reduced Sleep Time :
µ Joyous Mind :
Life is full of failures, insults and pains for any given person.
However, for a person with spiritual knowledge and spiritual energy,
.. life becomes always peaceful and joyful in spite of all the failures,
insults, and pains.
µ Enhancement of Memory Power :
The abundant spiritual energy gained in meditation helps the brain to
work more efficiently and to its maximum capacity.
Meditation enhances memory power tremendously. Meditation is
absolutely essential for all students, both at the school level and at
the university level.
µ Increased Work Efficiency :
In the presence of abundant spiritual energy and spiritual wisdom, all
work .. be .. it physical or mental gets done with greater efficiency.
Abundant spiritual energy is obtained in meditation. Only a fraction
of that energy is obtained during sleep. Half-an-hour of deep
meditation is equivalent to six hours of deep sleep, in terms of rest for
the body and energy for the mind.
“ Benefits of Meditation ”
µ Power of Thought :
µ End of Wasteful Habits :
For a spiritually mature person, there are no dilemmas about making
the Right Choices.
There are several wasteful habits like over-eating, over-sleeping,
over-talking, over-thinking, over-drinking etc., etc. With spiritual
wisdom and spiritual energy obtained from meditation, all wasteful
habits die naturally.
µ Healing Happens Naturally :
Again, all diseases exist primarily because of prior negative karma.
Until and unless the negative karma is neutralized, the disease will
not vanish. No medicine will ever be of any help to clear the negative
karma. Through meditation, when we get abundant spiritual energy
and spiritual wisdom, the intellect automatically becomes spiritually
mature. By and by, all mental worldly worries cease and all physical
afflictions disappear. Meditation is the only way to heal all diseases,
at the fundamental level.
µ Right and Wrong :
Thoughts need power to reach their particular targets. In a restless
state of mind, thoughts are produced with least power. Therefore,
they don’t reach their respective targets. However, in the presence of a
restful state of mind, thoughts acquire greater power and all intents
get dramatically actualized.
All physical afflictions are because of mental worries. All mental
worries exist primarily because of intellectual immaturity.
Intellectual Immaturity exists because of lack of spiritual energy and
lack of spiritual wisdom.
Lack of spiritual wisdom is the only reason why inter-personal
relationships lack qualitative engagements and are so unfulfilling. In
the presence of spiritual wisdom, all inter-personal relationships
become more meaningful and more fulfilling.
µ Purpose of Life :
We are all born with a particular purpose, with a particular mission, with
a particular design and with a particular plan. Only the spiritually
mature can understand and be aware of their particular purpose,
mission, design and plan in their lives.
In meditation.. the Soul / Self breaks out of the cocoon of spiritual
ignorance. More meditation leads to newer and newer personal
experiences and the grand understanding of the infinitely expansive
reality of the Cosmos. This is ‘ Enlightenment ‘. Anyone can meditate.
This most .. .. important practice is for everyone children youth and
adults !
µ Qualitative Relationships :
“ Benefits of Meditation ”
“ Meditation and Enlightenment ”
You are your own Guru; no one can make you enlightened .. nor can
you give enlightenment to others.
By practising .. regularly Anapanasati meditation and by constantly
refining and fine-tuning all our intellectual concepts through right
spiritual reading and by seeking the right spiritual company, one can
easily realize the ultimate truth in this very life-time itself.
Enlightenment is ‘ awareness ‘ that everybody is potentially divine
and infinite.
One has .. to walk this path by oneself for one’s own self. One is born
on this Earth exclusively for one’s spiritual growth. Hence, the
spiritual choices he/she makes are of utmost significance.
“ Is Meditation alone Enough ? ”
“ Swadhyaya ” involves reading all spiritual books written by all great
masters that exposes us to all the wise concepts enabling us greatly to
cultivate the power of discrimination. Our intellect gets immensely
nurtured by reading good and meaningful spirituo-scientific books.
Meditation prepares a person .. for Swadhyaya and Sajjana-Sangathya
and they in turn act as a dam against the ocean of ignorance that is the
hallmark of every ordinary human.
Keeping good .. .. spiritual company “ Sajjana-Sangathya ” helps us
in so many ways. We learn from the enlightened experiences of other
masters and we learn to hasten our progress tremendously in the path of
spiritual growth.
“ Sajjana-Sangatya ” really is not just socializing in spiritual circles to
escape the monotony of everyday worldly-life ; it is the gathering of
precious gems of spiritual wisdom from everyone in the field.
By doing meditation, a meditator will become basically enlightened ..
but that alone is never enough! Alongside meditation, ‘ Swadhyaya ‘ or
“ study of spiritual books ” accompanied by ‘ Sajjana-Sangatya ‘ or
“ getting into intimate company of enlightened masters” is a must !
“Additional Tips for Meditation ”
µ Remove your eye-glasses/spectacles, if you are using any
µ It also helps to wear crystals during meditation ; crystals have the
power of receiving and distributing cosmic energy
µ It helps to wear loose, comfortable clothes while sitting for
µ Sit in a calm, cozy place
µ It helps to drink some water before meditating. A gap of half an
hour or so after food may be helpful to some
µ It helps to darken the place as much as possible wherever one is
meditating .. .. switch off the lights, draw the curtains ward off
unnecessary stimulation
µ It helps to cross your feet, if you are sitting in a sofa or a chair. An
unbroken flow of energy .. is maintained in this manner with your
eyes closed, fingers interlaced and feet crossed
µ It helps very much if we meditate at the same place and at the same
time, everyday
µ For .. the best possible results initially, keep a fixed routine as far as
To facilitate good and proper meditation…
“ More Powerful Meditation ”
µ Full-Moon Meditation (meditation done on a full-moon day) is
three times more powerful than ordinary non full-Moon
µ Nature Meditation (meditation done in natural surroundings like
mountaintop , lake side etc.) is three times more powerful than
ordinary “ inside the four walls ” meditation
µ Music Meditation is again three times more powerful. You can
listen to your own favourite classical instrumental music
µ Pyramid Meditation (meditation under a pyramid) is three times
more powerful than ordinary “ no-pyramid ” meditation
µ Group Meditation is three times more powerful than
“ Individual Meditation ”. It is even better if the group
comprises of Senior Meditators
“ Pyramid Energy ”
This is the reason for their being the store-houses of energy drawn
from the universe. The power of the Pyramid is obtained through a
blending of the radiated cosmic energy with that of the gravitational
force of Earth.
A Pyramid .. has to be aligned to perfect cardinal directions North,
South, East and West. Cosmic Energy gets accumulated most at 1/3rd
height from the base of the Pyramid. This place is known as
“ King’s Chamber ”.
Pyramid is a geometric energy amplifier.
Any material can be used to construct a pyramid. It is enough if we
know the base measurement alone for the construction of a Pyramid.
When an object is placed inside the Pyramid, it receives amplified or
stronger information about itself. This frequency raises the potential
of the element and charges it. It makes no difference what is put into
A Pyramid is the most stable structure, and one which receives the
highest Cosmic Energy on this Planet Earth.
Pyramids, when built, angled in a way according to the great
Pyramids of Egypt i.e., to their golden angle of inclination of 51 50’
and cardinal directions alignment, have been observed to be
receiving the highest amounts of Cosmic Energy.
The Pyramid puts things back the way they are supposed to be; it
makes things more perfect.
“ Pyramid Energy ”
u There is a continuous flow of energy in the Pyramid. Irrespective
of the number of people present, everyone receives equal energy
from the Pyramid
u When we drink water stored in a Pyramid for a minimum of three
days, the universal energy reaches all parts of the body
u Memory power and concentration improves for students who
wear Pyramid caps while studying
u When the Pyramid energy is absorbed regularly, the body’s
immunity increases significantly
u The power of our will (and what we think) increases
under/inside a Pyramid
u Quality of sleep and clarity of dreams improves under a pyramid.
We can calculate the dimensions of the pyramid with the following
Side of Pyramid = Base x 0.951
Height of pyramid = Base x 0.636
Height of King’s Chamber = 1/3 x Height of pyramid
“ Pyramid Meditation ”
Meditation done inside or underneath a pyramid, is called
“Pyramid Meditation”.
Most people, who have experimented with Pyramid Meditation,
describe themselves as experiencing a total relaxation of their body,
followed by a shutting out of all unnecessary external stimuli and
irrelevant thoughts and finally achieving an altered state of
consciousness which allows them to attain deeper inner levels.
The use of a Pyramid in meditation will accelerate the relaxation
process, bringing feelings of calmness, well-being, and a more open
and positive attitude. Many users have attested to the increased
memory recall, sharper visions of past incarnations, greater amount
of telepathic communication and a general improvement in momentto-moment awareness.
Pyramids provide the most effective high-energy environment for
all beginners of meditation.
Meditation done inside a Pyramid is “ three times ” more
powerful than ordinary “ no-pyramid ” meditation.
Pyramids help to reduce the level of stress and tension in the
physical body. Out-of-body experiences are easily obtained when
meditation is done inside a pyramid. Dreams become clearer and they
take the quality of a normal wakeful state.
“ Pyramid Valley .. International ” home for India’s first largest
Meditational Pyramid .. (160’x160’at base) is an International
Meditation Center serving individuals, societies and organizations in
their quest for self-realization and spiritual wisdom and helps them
unlock their hidden potential.
The “ Pyramid Valley International ” has been set up with the core
objective of providing a common platform for all world spiritual
masters, to collaborate for achieving a peaceful and compassionate
Planet Earth in the shortest possible time.
Objectives of the Centre : To spread the concepts of Science of
Meditation, Vegetarianism, and Pyramid Power to one and all, and to
serve as an International Meditation Centre for all sincere and
serious meditation seekers and to serve as the central nucleus for all
activities of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement.
“ Pyramid Valley International ”
at Kebbedoddi, near Harohalli 30 km from Bengaluru
( http://www.maheshwarapyramid.org )
About 6,000 people can meditate at a time inside this Pyramid.
The huge King’s chamber alone can seat 500 meditators.
“ Maheshwara Maha Pyramid ” was constructed as part of a unique
cosmic design, by Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement.
Dimensions: 180′ x 180′ length and breadth and height 113.60′.
Compares at 1/20th size of the famous Giza Pyramid perfectly
aligned to True North. It has been built with granite, steel and lime
“ Maheshwara Maha Pyramid ”
at Kadthal, 30 km from Hyderabad Airport
“Sri Omkareshwara Ashtadasha Pyramid Meditation Centre”
constructed by ‘The Pyramid Spiritual Society Trust ®’ to spread
spiritual education at free of cost. This centre is located near
Achampet, (Telangana state) which is around two hours drive from
Hyderabad International Airport.
To enlighten all kinds of people in meditation and spiritual
knowledge and make them spiritually educated. The training for
them will be under the guidance of experienced Pyramid Masters.
For the first time in the world, 18 pyramids of size 18’x 18’have been
constructed in “OM” shape. About 1,000 members can sit and
meditate in these pyramids.
“ Sri Omkareshwara Ashtadasha
Pyramid Meditation Centre ”
at “ Omkarapuri ”, Brahmanapalli Village, Near Achchampet, Hyderabad-Srisailam Road
“ Mind Miraculous ”
“ MIND ” .. is the “ seed ” “ LIFE ” is the “ tree ”
Particular inner intents invariably manifest as particular outer lifesituations.
“ Mind = Life ”
“ MIND ” is a complex phenomenon woven out of a huge bundle of
thoughts/ desires/ intents/ purposes/ goals.
“ coming out of childhood-conditionings ”
As we sow, so we reap.
In child-hood, parents/social environment provide for the growing
thought/intent/cultural patterns of the child’s mind.
At any given moment of time, we could always say ‘ no ‘ to a previous
negative .. thought pattern of the mind and give birth to a new positive
thought pattern of mind. The ball always is in our own court.
However ..
, as the child grows and as the child is becoming an young
adult .. the onus falls on the young adult to give birth to a positive
frame of mind. For the young adult, the time absolutely comes to
begin to choose consciously all the socially useful and spiritual
thought-patterns of mind.
“ LIFE ” is the great tree of creation that is issuing forth out of the seed
of the Mind.
We are the CREATORS of all our on-going and continuous stream of
intents and we are equally the sustainers / destroyers of our particular
intent patterns of the mind.
“ Mind Miraculous ”
There are many, many thought-patterns of mind and it would be wise
to choose the best pattern of them all. Basically, there are four main
thought-patterns of human psyche.
I. Mind Disastrous II. Mind Negative III. Mind Positive IV. Mind
Now, if a person, he/she, possesses a “ disastrous ” thought-pattern of
mind .. he/she will say :
With such a thought-pattern of mind, if a person starts driving, an
accident will of course happen .. because .. he/she has actually said
“ accident may happen ”.
II ) Mind Negative :
“ I am driving for the first time into the downtown. I don’t know what
will happen.. may be, .. I will have an accident may be, I will not have
an accident ..I don’t know. ”
I ) Mind Disastrous :
Now ..
, in a similar situation a second type of person a rather negative
minded person .. he/she, in a similar situation, would say :
“ different thought-patterns of different Minds ”
Suppose a person is driving a car or a bike .. .. for the first time and
he/she is driving into the downtown…
So, with such a thought-pattern of mind, somehow, he/she will just
avert a disaster.
“ Since I am driving for the first time into the downtown, I am terribly
afraid that an accident may happen. ”
“ Mind Miraculous ”
But, he/she will .. land into some problem like parking in a wrong
place, going in a wrong by-lane etc. In this case there would be no
“ disaster ” as such but there may certainly be “ a problem ”.
Coming .. .. to the third type of a person a positive minded person
he/she, is in similar situations, prone to say : “ Although this is the
first time that I am driving my car into the downtown, it will be
perfectly all right. Nothing untoward will happen. ”
Although it is the first time, he/she is going into the downtown, he/she
will certainly manoeuvre himself/herself beautifully and return
safely. There will certainly be no accidents and there will be no
“ problems ” .. too like going into wrong lanes etc.
Different wordings emanating from the mouth are sourced out of
different patterns of mind. Souls at different levels of evolution have,
of course, different thought-patterns of mind.
IV) Mind Miraculous :
The final .. .. .. the fourth type of a person “ the MASTER ” is a person
who maintains impeccably a pattern of mind that is called a
miraculous one. He/she is also driving into the downtown for the first
time. Yet, he/she is sure to say :
III ) Mind Positive :
“ I will reach the targeted place comfortably and come back in twenty
minutes. ”
So, even .. if it is the very first time, one can still set a target a
challenge .. for oneself. That is the constant state of a master’s
miraculous mind.
“ Mind Miraculous ”
For example, Jesus Christ’s mind or Gautama Buddha’s mind .. you
don’t call .. such minds as “ minds positive ” they are “ minds
miraculous ”.
“ flow of life follows goals set ”
As we .. set our specific mind- level goals, we give specific directions
.. to our lives. If we don’t set a specific goal our lives will, naturally,
drift and aimlessly wander. If we do not set a definite target, then,
LIFE cannot know in which direction it has to GO and GROW. In
such cases, LIFE cannot go, literally, anywhere.
We are always ..
.. therefore required to give specific directions to our
physical, material lives through maintaining a specific pattern of
mind .. at .. the minimum, a “ positive mind ” and at the maximum, a
“ miraculous mind ”.
“ goals miraculous ”
.. If we want our lives to be miraculous we will have to cultivate a
mind miraculous .. and we will have to set goals miraculous !
.. If we have a disastrous mind a disastrous life will automatically
.. follow. If we have a negative mind a negative life will automatically
.. follow. If we possess a positive mind a positive life will
automatically follow. And, if we consciously cultivate a miraculous
mind .. a miraculous life, again, automatically follows.
As .. the mind of a person is so is the whole pattern of life that
flows out of that person.
Intense Anapanasati meditation assures us that we always have such
a state of miraculous mind.
“ Being a Vegetarian ”
Albert Einstein
Ching Hai
Thomas A. Edison
Gary L. Francione
“ Veganism is not about giving anything up or losing
anything; it is about gaining the peace within yourself
that comes from embracing non-violence and refusing to
participate in the exploitation of the vulnerable. ”
“ Vegetarian food leaves a deep impression on our
nature. If the whole world adopts vegetarianism, it can
change the destiny of humankind. ”

“ The more we exert our loving kindness and protection
towards all beings, the greater we will be in the world. ”
“Could you look at an animal in the eyes and say to it ..
‘My appetite is more important than your suffering ? ‘ ”

“ Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the
goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other
living beings, we are still savages. ”
“ Vegetarianism is a conscious effort .. a deliberate effort
.. to get out of the heaviness that keeps you tethered to
.. the, Earth, so that you, can fly so that the flight from
the ‘alone’ to the ‘Alone’ becomes possible. ”
John Robbins
Paul Mc Cartney
Dalai Lama
Pino Caruso
Tim Shieff
“ Being a Vegetarian ”
“ Animals do not ‘give’ their life to us, as the sugarcoated lie would have it. No, we take their lives. They
struggle and fight to the last breath, just as we would
do if we were in their place. ”
“ Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to man. Just
as one wants happiness and fears pain, just as one
wants to live and not die, so do other creatures. ”
“ If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would
be vegetarian. ”

“ People eat meat and think they will become strong as
an ox, forgetting that the ox eats grass. ”
“ My nutrition approach is based on intuition, logic,
science and experience. All four of those led me to the
truth that a low-fat, high-carb, mostly raw vegan lifestyle is the optimum, not only for my health, but most
importantly for the wellbeing of the planet. ”

Pope Francis
Russell Brand
Drew Barrymore
Anthony Kiedis
“ Being a Vegetarian ”
“ Our indifference or cruelty towards fellow creatures
of this world sooner or later affects the treatment we
mete out to other human beings. ”
“ I don’t see why someone should lose their life just so
you can have a snack. ”
“ I’ve been a vegetarian for years and years. I’m not
judgmental about others who aren’t, I just feel I cannot
eat or wear living creatures. ”

“ I’ve been vegetarian since the 80’s and, lately, even
vegan. And, I once happened to witness the slaughter
of a cow. What atrocity must undergo an animal to
satisfy the appetite of those fat men who eat
hamburgers ! ”
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New Age Spiritual Books”
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Peace ; The Unexpected Power of
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“ sit for meditation ”
It is only when we sit down for meditation that we can analyze
ourselves seriously without pretence.
“ see yourself as you really are ”
Then the concept of a ‘ SELF ‘ or ‘ EGO ‘ disappears. We see only a
conflux of mind and body void of any permanent entity, any core or an
indestructible ego. Looked at from this point of view, we are neither
oriental nor occidental, neither man nor woman. Life is just a process
that goes beyond the boundaries of caste, colour, creed, race and
“ Mindfulness ” prescribes the technique for mental culture. It
shows us how to get beyond the intellect to the actual experience of
life itself, to discover the deeper universal maladies of the human
mind and .. to work for its deliverance supreme security from
“ mindfulness ”
So try to be straight, transparently straight with yourself, your
feelings and thoughts. Try to see yourself as you really are and not as
you appear to be.
Without it the beginner cannot lay the foundation on which the
superstructure has to be built. And as truth is a personal and individual
concern, neither information nor instruction can inspire a meditator
unless he is trained in the methods of self-inquiry. Meditation,
therefore, is vital because it is through meditation that the secrets of
the mind can be unlocked.
“ Anapanasati Meditation ”
Mindfulness of In-breath and Out-breath
“ Anapanasati ”
The method known as “ Anapanasati ” or “ mindfulness of
in-breathing and out-breathing. ”
This is a well-known meditation liked and practiced by many the
world over, a universally applicable method for concentrating and
calming the mind.
It was used by the Bodhisatta, Siddhartha Gotama, when striving
for enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, and the Buddha himself was
emphatic on the importance of practicing it.
“ not a breathing exercise ”
This meditation is described as peaceful, sublime, unadulterated,
happy living
It must, however, be noted that “ Anapanasati ” is not a breathing
exercise for physical vigour and is not similar to pranayama.
For this meditation, one needs the sitting posture. Sit erect with
legs crossed, but not stiff and rigid ; be mindful and alert. You may
sometimes feel uncomfortable if the legs are interlocked, or if sitting
on the hard floor interferes with your concentration.
( santo ceva panito ca asecanako ca sukho ca viharo ).
Then you can adopt a posture that does not bring discomfort. You
.. .. should sit comfortably but without lying back otherwise you may
become sleepy.
“ Anapanasati Meditation ”
The normal flow of breath should be noticed, observed.
Breathing calms down the body and prepares it for deep meditation.
Psychologists have recognized the value and importance of mindful
breathing as tending to ease the tension of body and mind. This
meditation is, therefore, a really practical occupation, therapeutic in
the best sense of the word. It is not for mere intellectual understanding
but to liberate oneself from mental defilements and to attain purity and
peace of mind.
The in-breathing and out-breathing, we know, is automatic.
Normally no one tries to breathe consciously or mindfully but when
practising breathing meditation it is essential to breathe mindfully and
to be aware of the breath.
Keep the body as motionless as possible, the mind alert and
keenly observant. Body and mind alike must be as well strung as a
bow, and as well-tuned as a lyre. Meditation is really a practical
occupation. Try to do your meditation regularly and if possible, at the
same time, every day because these psychological factors make for
the success of meditation.
“ in-breathing and out-breathing ”
“ Anapanasati Meditation ”
The meditator breathes in and breaths out mindfully with full
awareness. He is mindful of the BREATH and not of himself. His one
and only aim is to focus the mind on the breath to the exclusion of all
other thoughts and to fix the mind there. When you practice
MINDFULNESS on in-breathing and out-breathing, fix your
attention at the point where the moving air strokes the nostrils or the
upper lip.
“ being mindful of the breathing ”
Relax utterly, leave the world of stress when you sit down for
meditation. Start your meditation on mindfulness of in and-outbreathing ( Anapanasati ). Your breathing should be very natural and
effortless. Breathe calmly. There should not be any effort to control
the breath. Merely allow the breath to ebb and flow freely in its own
natural rhythm under the light of full awareness.
In this “ breathing meditation ”, the most important thing is to be
mindful of the breathing. It is essential to be mindful, to be aware
(sati), and attentive and observant ( Anupassana ) in all the four types
of meditation on mindfulness.
Note your BREATH as it goes in and out, but do not follow the
breath into your lungs or out into the air. There should not be any
holding or stopping of your breath. It should be quite natural without
any effort or force on your part. Keep your focus at the nose breath.
“ focusing mind is attention on the breath ”
“ Anapanasati Meditation ”
You may also get mental images produced by memory or
imagination, such as light, colour, figures, etc. Do not be deceived by
them thinking that this is a mental development. Far from it, they are
hindrances that retard progress.
Become aware of these images without getting mentally involved
in them ; bring your attention to your BREATH. One needs much
patience and effort to get away from these by-products and to get busy
with the real task of practicing.
[ Source : “ The Spectrum of Buddhism ” by Piyadassi ]
Whenever your mind wanders to other thoughts, be aware of
them, but do not get involved in them emotionally or intellectually ; do
not comment, condemn, evaluate or appraise them, but bring your
attention back to the natural rhythm of your breathing.
“ patience and sincere efforts ”
“ Anapanasati Meditation ”
Remove the presence of any electronic gadgets except may
be a device to play soothing music while you meditate inside the
“ Find the Pyramid ”
Doesn’t the word ‘pyramid’remind you of Egypt? The threedimensional triangular sides with broad bases and tampering tops are
bound to appear in your head! These structures are storehouses of
energy as they are build to incline towards Earth’s magnetic field and
are perfect receivers and transmitters of cosmic energy. Meditating
under such a structure is called ‘Pyramid Meditation’ and it gives the
best results !
It is simple as that. You either go to one of the pyramid centers
that have cropped up across the city or build a basic three dimensional
geometric structure at your place.
“Pyramid Meditation”
“ Keep Away electronic Gadgets ”
Loose and light clothing will make you comfortable and
better receptive to energy. A clean and odourless space will make it
hassle-free for you to meditate.
Miraculous Benefits of
Pyramid Meditation
Sit down on comfortable mat in either the east, north-east
direction and start your meditation by exhaling and inhaling deeply
and feel your breath while you do so. Do this with composed mind set
and be assured of feeling positive vibrations.
“ Benefits of Pyramid Meditation ”

  1. Improves Eyesight : Pyramid meditation can help you
    improve and correct you vision. There are courses available on this,
    which help in strengthening the eye muscles as well as shaping the
  2. Improves Hearing : There are a couple of hearing
    problems, which can be improved and sharpened by using the energy
    derived from pyramid meditation.
    “ Meditation ”
  3. Reduces High Blood Pressure : High blood pressure is
    called hypertension. This can be significantly lowered if pyramid
    meditation is practiced every day. You can get relief from all kinds of
    stress and enjoy life to the fullest by practicing this form of
    Miraculous Benefits of Pyramid Meditation
  4. Treats Insomnia :There are millions of people all over the
    world who suffer from insomnia. Pyramid meditation can help in
    soothing the brain and relaxing the legs. People who have slept in the
    pyramids have seen a significant level of improvement in their
    sleeping habits.
  5. Heals Sores and Broken Bones : One of the most unique
    and amazing benefits of pyramid meditation is the healing of sore and
    broken bones. Those who have strenuous lifestyle can definitely opt
    for pyramid meditation.
  6. Removes Acne and Zits : You can get rid of all kinds of
    acne and skin problems with pyramid meditation. Keep a jar of
    Vaseline inside a small pyramid and allow it to be energized. Just rub
    it all over the pimple or white head and watch it vanishing.
  7. Offers relief from Arthritis : Pyramid meditation is an
    ideal remedy for all those who suffer from arthritis. Even back can be
    eased if your practice this meditation every day.
  8. Pyramid for Students : Pyramid meditation is very
    popular among students and teachers. It helps sharpen their memory
    and increase the confidence level as well. One can easily prepare for
    Miraculous Benefits of Pyramid Meditation
    their exams without feeling extra stress and anxiety.
  9. Offers relief from IrregularPeriods :Women who have
    slept in the pyramids have reported improvement in their
    menstruation cycles.
  10. Provides relief from Headaches : If you suffer from
    migraines or headaches, you can definitely consider practicing
    pyramid meditation. This will help you find quick healing.
  11. Improves Cognitive Abilities : Pyramid meditation
    improves the function of the mind. it increases intelligence and
    concentration level. It also maintains emotional equilibrium.
  12. Balances Hormone Levels : Pyramid meditation
    improves the functions of the thyroid gland, which produce
    hormones. Thus, it balances the hormonal levels in the body.
    Pyramid meditation is an interesting, beautiful and simple
    way of bidding farewell to all your health problems, Once you make
    this a part your life, you will start seeing a difference sooner than you
  13. Provides fresh Energy : Drinking water that has been
    charged with pyramid energy is a better source of energy.
    Miraculous Benefits of Pyramid Meditation
    DrII Deepak Chopra
    “ Myths of Meditation ”
    Meditation has entered the mainstream of modern culture; it is
    prescribed by physicians and practiced by everyone from business
    executives, artists, and scientists to students, teachers, military
    personnel, and, on a promising note, politicians.
    Despite the growing popularity of meditation, prevailing
    misconceptions about the practice are a barrier that prevents many
    from trying it. Here are seven common meditational myths
    A teacher will help you understand what you’re experiencing, move
    past common roadblocks, and create a nourishing daily practice.
    Truth No. I
    One reason why meditation may seem difficult is that we try too hard
    to concentrate, we’re overly attached to results, or we’re not sure we
    are doing it right.
    The techniques can be as simple as focusing on the breath.
    Myth No. I
    This myth is rooted in the image of meditation as an esoteric practice
    reserved only for saints, holy men, and spiritual adepts. In reality,
    when you receive instruction from an experienced, knowledgeable
    teacher, meditation is easy and fun to learn.
    “ Meditation is difficult ”
    “Myths of Meditation”
    When .. .. thoughts arise as they inevitably will we don’t need to judge
    them or try to push them away. Instead, we gently return our attention
    to our object of attention.
    .. .. In every meditation, there are moments even if only microseconds
    when the mind dips into the gap and experiences the refreshment of
    pure awareness.
    “ You have to quiet your mind in order to have a
    successful meditation practice ”
    Sometimes referred to as ‘ the gap ‘, this space between thoughts is
    pure consciousness, pure silence, and pure peace. When we meditate,
    we use an object of attention, such as our breath, which allows our
    mind to relax into this silent stream of awareness.
    Myth No. II
    We can’t stop or control our thoughts, but we can decide how much
    attention to give them. Although we can’t impose quiet on our mind,
    through meditation we can find the quiet that already exists in the
    space between our thoughts.
    Truth No. II
    This may be the number one myth about meditation and is the cause
    of many people giving up in frustration. Meditation isn’t about
    stopping our thoughts or trying to empty our mind .. both of these
    approaches only create stress and more noisy internal chatter.
    “Myths of Meditation”
    The benefits of meditation are both immediate and long-term.
    Myth No. III
    “ It takes years of dedicated practice to receive
    any benefits from meditation ”
    Truth No. III
    For example, a landmark study led by Harvard University and
    Massachusetts General Hospital found that as little as eight weeks of
    meditation not only helped people experience decreased anxiety and
    greater feelings of calm, it also produced growth in the areas of the
    brain associated with memory, empathy, sense of self, and stress
    You can begin to experience benefits the first time you sit down to
    meditate and in the first few days of daily practice. Many scientific
    studies provide evidence that meditation has profound effects on the
    mind-body physiology within just weeks of practice.
    “Myths of Meditation”
    While .. some people do try to use meditation as a form of escape as a
    way .. to bypass unresolved emotional issues this approach runs
    counter to all of the wisdom teachings about meditation and
    mindfulness. In fact, a variety of meditation techniques have been
    developed to identify, mobilize and release stored emotional toxicity.
    Truth No. IV
    Myth No. IV
    The real purpose of meditation isn’t to tune out and “ get away from it
    all ” .. but .. to tune in and get in touch with your true Self that eternal
    aspect of yourself that goes beyond all the ever-changing, external
    circumstances of your life.
    As you practice on a regular basis, you cleanse the windows of
    perception and your clarity expands.
    In meditation, you dive below the mind’s churning surface, which
    tends to be filled with repetitive thoughts about the past and worries
    about the future, into the still point of pure consciousness. In this state
    of transcendent awareness, you let go of all the stories you’ve been
    telling yourself about who you are, what is limiting you, and where
    you .. fall short and you experience the truth that your deepest Self is
    infinite and unbounded.
    “ Meditation is escapism ”
    “Myths of Meditation”
    There are busy, productive executives who have not missed a
    meditation .. in 25 years.. and if you make meditation a priority you
    will do it. If you feel like your schedule is too full, remember that
    even just a few minutes of meditation is better than none.
    Our breathing and heart rate slow down, our BPlowers, and our body
    decreases the production of stress hormones and other chemicals that
    speed up the ageing process and give us the subjective feeling that we
    are running out of time.
    Myth No. V
    “ I don’t have time to meditate ”
    Truth No. V
    In meditation, we are in restful alertness that is extremely refreshing
    for the body and mind. As people stick with their meditation ritual,
    they notice that they are able to accomplish more while doing less.
    Instead of struggling to achieve goals, they spend more and more
    .. time “ in the flow ” aligned with universal intelligence that
    orchestrates everything.
    We encourage you not to talk yourself out of meditating just because
    .. it’s a bit late or you feel too sleepy. In life’s paradoxical way when
    we .. spend time meditating on a regular basis we actually have more
    time. When we meditate, we dip in and out of the timeless, space less
    .. realm of consciousness the state of pure awareness that is the source
    of everything that manifests in the universe.
    “Myths of Meditation”
    Myth No. VI
    experiences in meditation ”
    Truth No. VI
    Some people are disappointed when they don’t experience visions,
    see colours, levitate, hear a choir of angels, or glimpse enlightenment
    when they meditate. Although we can have a variety of wonderful
    experiences when we meditate, including feelings of bliss and
    oneness, these are not the purposes of the practice.
    The real benefits of meditation are what happens in the other hours of
    the day when we’re going about our daily lives. When we emerge
    from our meditation session, we carry some of the stillness and
    silence of our practice with us, allowing us to be more creative,
    compassionate, centered, and loving to ourselves and everyone we
    “ I’m supposed to have transcendent
    “Myths of Meditation”
    Truth No. VII
    “ Meditation requires spiritual or religious beliefs ”
    Myth No. VII
    [ Source : https://www.speakingtree.in/article/myths-of-meditation ]
    Some meditators have no particular religious beliefs or are atheist or
    agnostic. They meditate in order to experience inner quiet and the
    numerous physical and mental health benefits of .. the practice
    including lowered blood pressure, stress reduction, and restful sleep.
    Meditation is a practice that takes us beyond the noisy chatter of the
    mind into stillness and silence. It doesn’t require a specific spiritual
    belief, and many people of many different religions practice
    meditation without any conflict with their current religious beliefs.
    The immediate purpose of meditation is to train the mind and to use it
    effectively and efficiently in our daily life.
    The Practical day to day benefits of meditation can be
    summarized as follows :
    µ “ If you are a busy person ” meditation can help you to get rid ..
    of tension and to find relaxation.
    µ “ If you lack self-confidence ” meditation can help you to gain ..
    the self-confidence which is the secret of success in life.
    µ “ If you have fear in your heart ” meditation can help you to ..
    understand the real nature of the problems that are making
    you afraid then you can overcome the fear in yourmind. ..
    µ “ If you are a worried person ” meditation can calm you and ..
    help you find peace of mind.
    µ “ If you are a person who has endless problems ” meditation ..
    can help you to develop courage and strength to face and
    overcome them.
    Ven. K. Sri Dhammananda
    “Practical Benefits of Meditation”
    “ Practical Benefits of Meditation ”
    µ “ If you are a poor man ” meditation can help you to develop ..
    contentment and not to harbor jealousy towards those who
    have more than you.
    µ “ If you are always dissatisfied with everything and nothing in life
    seems to be satisfactory ” meditation can give you the chance ..
    to develop and to maintain inner contentment.
    µ “ If you are sceptical and uninterested in the religious way of life ”
    .. meditation can help you to go beyond your own scepticism
    and to see some practical values in religious guidance.
    µ “ If you are a rich man ” meditation can help you to realize the ..
    nature of your wealth and how to make use of it not only for
    your own happiness but also for others’happiness.
    µ “ If you are a young man at the cross-roads of your life .. and you
    do not know which way to turn ” meditation can help you to the ..
    right path to reach your chosen goal.
    µ “ If you are frustrated and heart-broken due to a lack of
    understanding of the uncertainty of life and the world ” ..
    meditation can truly guide and help you to understand the
    fleeting nature of worldly conditions.
    “ Practical Benefits of Meditation ”
    µ “ If you are strongly influenced by emotions ” your emotions ..
    will have no chance to mislead you.
    µ “ If you are an elderly man who is fed-up with life ” meditation ..
    can bring you to a deeper understanding of life; this
    understanding in turn will relieve your pains and increase
    the joy of living.
    µ “ If you are a narrow-minded person ” you can develop ..
    understanding that will be beneficial both to you and your
    friends and family to avoid misunderstanding.
    µ “ If you are jealous ” you can understand that negative ..
    mental attitudes never contribute anything for yourbenefit.
    µ “ If you are hot-tempered ” you can develop the strength to ..
    overcome the weakness of anger, hatred, and resentment to
    become a more calm and soberperson.
    µ “ If you are addicted to drinking or to drugs ” you can ..
    overcome the dangerous habit which has enslaved you.
    µ “ If you cannot reduce your craving for sense-desires ” you can ..
    learn how to become the master of your sense-desires.
    “ Practical Benefits of Meditation ”
    µ “ If you suffer from certain disorders such as nervous
    breakdowns and mental disturbances ” meditation can ..
    activate the positive forces in your mind and body to regain
    yourhealth, especially if they are psychosomatic problems.
    µ “ If you are a weak-minded person or one who maintains an
    inferiority complex ” meditation can strengthen your mind ..
    to develop courage to overcome yourweaknesses.
    µ “ If you are a wise person ” meditation will lead you to ..
    supreme wisdom. Then you will see things as they are, and
    not as they appear to be.
    The mind is the key to happiness, and also the key to misery. To
    understand the mind and to use it well is a task that transcends a
    peaceful and contented life.
    [ Source : “ Meditation.. the Only Way ” by Ven. K. Sri Dhammananda ]
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