Voice overcommand for iOS visually impaired

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Quick Reference Guide: VoiceOver for iOS

Recommended browser: Safari C + The Rotor

Forms Task

Command The Rotor allows the user to choose from a list of navigation options,

Next form

Rotor, swipe down including Containers, Headings, Landmarks, Same item, Vertical

Next focusable item

Swipe right Navigation, Static text, Links, Tables, Lists, Buttons, Form Controls, Next button

Rotor, swipe down Text fields, Search Fields, and Images. *

Select and deselect checkboxes

Double – tap

Rotor ( Same item or form Twist two fingers in a circle to choose a setting on the rotor. Left and Next checkbox

controls ), swipe dawn Right swipes go to the next element on the page, Up and Down

Open combo box

Double – tap swipes go the next element of type selected in the rotor.

Browse combo box

Drag finger to hear options Select combo box options

Double – tap desired option ( s ) The Basics

Rotor ( Same item or form

Next combo box Task Command

controls ), swipe down. ( when setting is enabled ) Toggle radic button selection

Double – tap Turn vo on / off Triple – press home button

Rotor ( Form controls or same Next radic button ar side button ( iPhone X + )

item ), swipe down Pause / restart reading

Two – finger tap

Text Editing Start reading continuously from this point on Two – finger swipe down

Task Read entire page Two – finger swipe up

Command Read next item

Swipe right Select / deselect text

Pinch out / in Activate link or button

Double – tap

Copy the last spoken text to the clipboard Three – finger quadruple – tap Close papup, cancel last action

Two – finger scrub Change case

Three – finger swipe Goto next heading Rotor, swipe down

up / down. Go to next landmark / region

Rotor, swipe down Insert space

Two – finger swipe right * * * Choose from a complete list of items on page Two – finger triple – tap


Two – finger swipe left * * * Go to next table

Rotor, swipe down Write with finger

Rotor Handwriting Navigate table cells

Swipe up, down, left or right

Tables Go to next list

Rotor, swipe down Task

Command Go to next list item

Swipe right Go to next table

Rotor, swipe down Gata next image

Ratar, swipe right Cell to right

Swipe right Go to next link

Rotor, swipe down Cell to left

Swipe left 4 – finger tap upper ( lower ) Cell below

Swipe down Go to first ( last ) item on page

half of screen Cell above

Swipe up Scroll ( vertically or horizontally )

3 – finger swipe up, down, left, or right

Other Commands Go back to previous heading, landmark, table,


Command focusable item, etc.

Swipe up Gesture help

4 – finger double – tap

Rotor ( Hints ) swipe up / down to enable Reading Text

Help with current element.

hints Task

Command Toggle screen curtain on / off ( VO

Three – finger triple – tap Say prior line

Rotor, swipe up

works but screen is off ) Say next line Rotor, swipe down

Select and hold with one finger, tap Split tap quick – activation

with another Say from current

Two – finger swipe cdown Double – press button

Triple – tap Say prior character Rotor, swipe up

Settings > General > VoiceOver >

Speak words / characters typed Say next character Rotor, swipe down

Typing Feedback Say character phonetically

Settings > VO > Phonetic feedback Scroll to top

Double – tap clock in status bar

Bring focus to status bar, 3 – finger Say prior word

Rotor, swipe up Access control center ( Notifications )

swipe up ( down ) Say next word

Rotor, swipe down

Next / previous app Toggle speech on / off

4 – finger swipe right / left Three – finger double – tap * * ( good for braille use )

Drag mode

Tap twice and hold * The settings for what appears in the rotor are highly customizable. If an option you want is not appearing, navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Voiceover > Rotor to enable it. * * When Zoom is on, 3 – finger double – tap zooms, and 3 – finger double – tap and drag changes zoom.

Full list of commands: http: / / tinyurl. com / commands – voiceover – ios * * * This gesture only works in handwriting mode, not in typing mode.

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Version 2019. 06. 19

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