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Corporate Social Responsibility

Types of Globalisation in CSR


Countries that trade with many others and have few trade barriers are economically globalised.


A measure of how easily information and ideas pass between people in their own country and between different countries (includes access to internet and social media networks).


The amount of political co-operation there is between countries.

Improved Communication :

  • The development of communication technologies such as internet, email and mobile phones have been vital to the growth of globalisation because they help MNCs to operate throughout the world.
  • The development of satellite TV channels such as Sky and CNN have also provided worldwide marketing avenues for the concept and products of globalisation.

Improved Transport

The development of refrigerated and container transport, bulk shipping and improved air transport has allowed the easy mass movement of goods throughout the world. This assists globalisation.

Free Trade Agreement

MNCs and rich capitalist countries have always promoted global free trade as a way of increasing their own wealth and influence.

International organisations such as the World Trade Organisation and the IMF also promote free trade.

Global Banking :

Modern communication technologies allow vast amounts of capital to flow freely and instantly throughout the world.

The equivalent of up to $US1.3 trillion is traded each day through international stock exchanges in cities such as New York, London and Tokyo.

Performance Evaluation and performance Reporting

For all organization the question of the management of the organization depends upon the ability to measure performance and then evaluate and report upon that performance

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