Top 50 Female Relationship Wants and Needs,

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Top 50 Female Relationship Wants and Needs

Relationship 101

Now that we’ve talked about meeting a girl and what to do (and what to avoid) on the first date, it’s time to talk about what to expect from your fledgling relationship.

Once things get off the ground and you go on your second, third, and fourth dates, you can consider yourself “in a relationship.” But, as you probably know, women and men tend to have very different ideas about what constitutes a relationship. That can lead to a lot of potential disagreement—and who wants that??

Moreover, women have a lot of misconceptions about what men want, and men have a lot of misconceptions about what they think women want. This section is meant to clear up a lot of that confusion!

Remember, guys tend to be a lot more easy-going, but women scrutinize every little detail. Therefore, if you want things to go along smoothly, it’s important to be sensitive to what she wants in a relationship. Read on to learn what women want—and need!

Top 50 Female Relationship Wants and Needs (yes there are at least 50!):

51) Women want someone who is a good listener.

This is perhaps one of the most important needs a women has when she gets into a relationship. If a man does not want to listen to her or does not seem interested in what she has to say, the relationship is not going to be a healthy or happy one.

52) Women want a man who will listen and respond without the woman having to ask for him to listen and respond.

Now this goes along with the previous “want.” Not only do women like it when a man take the time to really listen to her, but they love it when a man does so without being asked. So next time it seems like your girlfriend or spouse is troubled or wants to have a conversation, don’t wait until she sits you down for a talk. Go to her and ask her if she needs to get anything off her chest.

53) Women want someone who is a good conversationalist.

It’s important that you don’t just sit there and let your girlfriend or wife talk AT you. You’ve got to respond, nod, offer your opinion, and show that you are actively listening and considering what she is saying. Remember, a conversation involves two people who participate in equal measure.

54) Women want someone who is open when it comes to his feelings and emotions.

Women themselves tend to be in touch with their emotions, and they want men who are able to do the same. Don’t be afraid to show her your true inner feelings, even if you aren’t used to doing so.

55) Women want someone who is honest.

Lying is a real turn-off, from small lies like how much money you make at work to big lies like adultery or how many times you’ve already been married. Just be honest, guys; your girl will respect you for it.

56) Women want someone to share their dreams and hopes with.

Women love being able to talk about what they want in life, and it is important to them to be in a relationship with someone who is able to share those ambitions. Be a supporter of your girlfriend’s or wife’s dreams.

57) A woman wants a man who has his own hopes and dreams.

Attractive men are the ones who have ambitions in life and are working to attain them.

58) Women want someone to discuss their fears with.

Women often see men as protectors, and they like to know that their man is someone who can help them overcome their fears.

59) Women want a man who is willing to talk about problems in order to solve them.

Women know that problems don’t solve themselves; you’ve got to address them. Therefore, they want to be in relationships with men who share a similar view and who understand that sometimes it is necessary to talk things out rather than ignoring them.

60) Women want men who are willing to say they are wrong.

Men tend to refuse to take blame for anything and may deny that they are wrong, even when the evidence is right there for all to see. That is so frustrating to women. Just fess up—everyone, even men, makes mistakes from time to time!

61) Women want a man who demonstrates his commitment to the relationship.

Men shouldn’t have to give up their own lives, but they should be willing to stay home some Friday nights to spend time with their girlfriend or wife instead of going out with the guys all the time. Women need men to demonstrate their commitment to the relationship and who aren’t always out doing other things.

62) Women want someone who is willing to be monogamous.

At the very beginning of a relationship, both women and men may not yet be ready to stop seeing other people. But as the relationship progresses step by step, women start wanting monogamy, so you’ve got to make sure you’re both on the same page. If she thinks you’re being monogamous and then finds out that you’re dating three other women, there will be hell to pay!

63) Women want a man who values fidelity and loyalty.

Again, women tend to view men as protectors, and so they want a man who will make them feel secure. A man who is disloyal or who cheats destroys that sense of trust and security.

64) Women want men who are moral and ethical.

A man who does things that are illegal or borderline inappropriate is not a good candidate for a lasting relationship.

65) Women want someone who thinks beyond today and has hopes about the future of the relationship.

A man who never plans ahead and won’t commit to a weekend away or a standing Saturday night date is not a good candidate for a long-term relationship. If a women feels that a man does not want to think about their future together, she will likely want to get out of the relationship.

66) Women want someone who is honest with himself and who is secure.

If a man is constantly questioning himself or worried about who he is or whether he’s good enough, that’s a real turn-off. Remember, one of the number-one qualities of attractive men is confidence!

67) A woman wants a man who is able to focus completely on her at important moments.

That means turning off the TV during sex and not looking around at other women when you’re out at dinner.

68) Women like men who can be fun and playful, and who aren’t just serious and businesslike all the time.

Don’t be afraid to be silly and show her how fun and creative you are.

69) Women like men who show their affection.

Don’t be afraid to say “I love you” or to hold her hand in public.

70) Women want someone who is ambitious and going somewhere in his career.

That doesn’t mean you have to be rich or a CEO. All it means is that you should have career goals and be actively working to attain them. Men who don’t know what they want out of their lives or careers are not very attractive to most women.

71) Women want to be financially secure.

Again, this doesn’t mean you need to be a millionaire. But you do need to be financially secure yourself and not overwhelmed by debt or an extravagant buyer who spends more than he earns.

72) Women want a man who is generous, but not a spendthrift.

Women love to get gifts from time to time, and they enjoy being with a man who is able to appreciate the finer things in life. At the same time, they don’t want a man to throw away his money on useless things.

73) Women don’t want men who are unnecessarily tight-fisted.

Women don’t like men who are cheap. They want a man who knows when to spend and when to save.

74) Women want men who are sometimes impulsive and surprising.

A man who plans everything out is a dull husband or boyfriend. A man who surprises his girl from time to time with gifts, a fun date, or even by bringing home a rented video unexpectedly, is considered a great catch.

75) Women want men who have their own lives, too.

Contrary to what you may think, women like to have some time alone, and they value men who have their own friends and have a life outside the relationship, too.

76) Women need men who are responsible.

A man who behaves more like a child is not good husband or boyfriend material.

77) Women want men who they can trust.

Guys who constantly betray trust or who lie, even about small things, are not the kind of guys who make it in long-term relationships with great women.

78) Women want men who are on the same page in terms of what they want in their common future.

For example, if you want children and she doesn’t, that’s a problem. Women like to know that their man has similar hopes and dreams.

79) Women don’t want men who are dependent or needy.

Show that you have your own interests, hobbies and friends, and pursue them actively.

80) Women want someone is good to their friends and family.

Women love it when a guy is polite to strangers, nice to their friends, and makes an effort to be courteous and respectful of their family.

81) Women need men who show them they are special.

Little things count: bringing home a single rose for no particular reason, cooking dinner for her one night, or just telling her how great she is all show her how much you care and value the relationship.

82) Women want romance, not just sex.

Men sometimes think sex equals romance, but women need to be wooed a little bit more. Men who light candles, buy roses, or start things off with a lot of gentle kissing are more likely to win over a girl’s heart.

83) Women love it when men help out around the house.

Guys who pitch in to clean up, do the dishes, and help with the laundry are considered great catches.

84) Women like it when guys take an equal role in planning out dates and special occasions.

Why should women have to be the ones to say they want to go out for Valentine’s Day or to go away for a romantic weekend? Women love it when their guys make the suggestions.

85) Women want men who share some interests.

You don’t have to have everything in common, but show your woman that you appreciate what she is into. For example, if she likes museums, ask her to go with you to a museum one weekend.

86) Women want men who speak up if they are upset.

Men have a reputation for being stoic and silent, and women really find it touching when a man speaks up about his feelings.

87) Women love witty men.

Laughing is an aphrodisiac, so it’s no wonder women need to be in relationships with men who make them laugh.

88) Women want men who can appreciate their creativity and imagination.

Women love to create something out of nothing! It is a wonderful ability given to them by nature. Give your woman the opportunity to do up the house, decorate a room, recycle unused or old items, or plan an exciting holiday. If you can learn to appreciate her creativity, intelligence and imagination and find ways to make it known to her, she’ll love you for it! The same old thing gets tiring. Men who can come up with new ways to surprise their lovers are, too, greatly appreciated by their women.

89) Women want men who present themselves well.

Appearance isn’t everything, but a relationship goes much more smoothly when a women isn’t constantly criticizing a man about what he’s wearing or how he looks.

90) Women really love men who remember anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

Men tend not to be so good with remembering special occasions, but these kinds of dates are important to women.

91) Women need men who are willing to spend time with their friends and family.

You may not want to hang out with your girlfriend’s pals or with her parents, but it’s important to her that you get to know the people that are important to her.

92) Women want men who share the remote control.

It may sound funny, but it’s true—women need to be in relationship with men who are willing to share things around the house.

93) Women want men who remember to put the toilet seat down.

Enough said!

94) Women want a man who will do thoughtful things without being asked.

She’ll love it if you help her put the groceries away or put gas in the car without having to be reminded.

95) Every woman wants a man who laughs at her jokes.

Show her how funny you think she is!

96) A woman wants a man who takes care of himself.

Go to the gym, shave, eat well, and show that you respect your body and mind just as much as you respect your girl!

97) Women want men who behave themselves in public.

That means not belching, scratching yourself, or getting drunk every time you go out for a nice dinner.

98) Women need men who show how much they care and think about them.

Stay in contact even when you are apart by sending emails or making phone calls.

99) Women want men who like to just be at home together, but who also enjoy a fun night out.

It’s important to feel comfortable hanging out together indoors when no one else is around and out in public.

100) Women need men who really and truly care about them.

If you don’t love the woman you’re with, you’re not doing anyone any favors! Your woman craves more for your time and presence than for your expensive gifts, especially during those special days or events!

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