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Happy day 13/19 to all my dears. Let us pray to the almighty that every one of us stay at home be safe healthy and happy

Please spare 2 minutes of your time and enjoy worth reading of following golden lines written by our great leaders and scholars from time to time in order to guide us on the path of life

1-a door is much smaller compared to the house,
a lock is much smaller compared to the door &
a key is the smallest of all,
but a key can open entire house,
Thus a small thoughtful solution can solve major problems.

2-hHopes & Dreams”
should be like Hair & Nail,
No matter how many Times they get Cut, but….
Never Stop Growing.

3-A DESIRE changes nothing,
A DECISSION changes something but
A DETERMINATION changes everything.

4-close Relations”
Are Medicine For Any Kind Of Pain.


B Sure That There Is No Medicine In The World,
For The Pain Given By
“Close Relation”.

5-life Is Not Qualified By Fluent English, Branded Clothes Or RichLifestyle. It Is Measured By Number Of Faces Who Smile When they Hear Your Name.

6-a Mountain is not higher than your confidence, because it will be under your feet, if you reach the top.

Good Luck and Right People are like sunrise. They come every day,
but if you take too long to wake up, you are going to miss them. So wake up.

8-accept Every Victory With A Humble Heart.Every Defeat With A Gracious Mind. This is Best Way To Live In This World..

9-relations never Die a Natural Death !”

They are always Murdered by Ego, Attitude & Ignorance !
It is the true fact.

10-If you want comfortable Journey of Life…
Then reduce the Luggage of Expectations…

11-smile is the Best Credit Card.
Bcoz it is Accepted World Wide,
Auto Reload,
Unlimited Usage,
No Payment,
at all makes every1 Happy.
So keep Smiling.

Happy stay at home

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