Organisational chart or structure

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An organisation chart is a pictorial or graphical plan of working relationships among group members. In other words, an organisational chart shows the internal structure and hierarchies of an organisation, like a business, school or government entity. It creates an easy visual depiction for the ranks of different people, jobs, authority, information flow and departments that make up the organisation.
According to Koontz and Weihrich – “An organisation chart indicates how departments are tied together along the principal lines of authority.”
Organisational charts are of the following three types:
1. Hierarchical organisational chart: The hierarchical type is considered as the classical form of the organisational charts. Hierarchical organisations are structured in a way where the employees are organised in groups or under functional departments. It is the most common type chart. A hierarchy is where one group or person is at the top, while those with less power are beneath them, in the shape of a pyramid.

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