N v d a full commands

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

6 NVDA shortcut keys.pdf.pdf

Page – 1



Turn NVDA on On / Off:

Turn NVDA off Stop Reading

Start reading continuously from this point on Reading:

Read next item Read next focusable item ( e. g. link, button )

Link Activate:


Go to next heading Headings: Go to next heading of level [ 1 – 6 ]

List all headings Landmarks: Go to next landmark / region Elements list: Show list of all links, headings, and landmarks

Go to next table Tables:

Navigate table cells

Command Control + Alt + N Insert + Q Control Insert + or Num Pad + Lor Num Pad + Tab Enter Enter or Spacebar H 1 – 6 Insert + F7


Insert + F7

Ctrl + Alt + tor 1 or or –



Insert + F7


Go to next list Go to next list item Go to next graphic List all links Go to next link Go to next unvisited link Go to next visited link Toggle between:

Radio buttons < select > list items Tabs ( ARIA widget ) Tree view items ( ARIA widget )

Menu items ( ARIA widget ) To previous heading, landmark, table, focusable item,



or oror 1

Go backward:

Shift + [ H, D, T, Tab, etc. )

Reading Text

35Page – 2

Task Say prior line Say next line

Say current line Line: Start of line

End of line Top line Bottom line Say prior character

Say next character Character:

Say current character Say character phonetically

Say prior word Word: Say next word

Say current word

Say prior sentence Sentence: Say next sentence

Say current sentence Paragraph: Next paragraph

Spell word Spelling:

Spell current line

Command IT or Num Pad 7

or Num Pad 9 Insert + Tor Num Pad 8 Shift + Num Pad 1 Shift + Num Pad 3 Shift + Num Pad 7 Shift + Num Pad 9

or Num Pad 1 > or Num Pad 3 Num Pad 2 Num Pad 5 twice quickly Ctrl + 6 or Num Pad 4 Ctrl + or Num Pad 6 Num Pad 5 Alt + 1 Alt + Alt + Num Pad 5 Ctrl + Tor Q Num Pad 5 twice quickly Insert + Ttwice quickly


| Topic Task

Command Table: Go to next ( previous ) table T ( Shift + T ) Cell to right

Ctrl + Alt + → Cell to left

Ctrl + Alt + Cell: Cell below

Ctrl + Alt +. Cell above

Ctrl + Alt + 1



Task List all form elements Next form

Command Insert + FS


36Page – 3

Next focusable item Next button

B Select and deselect

Spacebar Checkboxes:

Next checkbox Open combo box

Alt + Browse / select options

Lor the First letter Combo boxes ( < select ): Select multiple options

Shift + ( or 1 ) Next combo box

IC Toggle selection Radio buttons:

Tit Next radio button

R Forms mode: *

Toggle between forms mode and browse mode Insert + Spacebar ” Forms mode ” allows you to enter data into form fields. Browse mode allows you to navigate the page using standard screen reader shortcuts ( eg to navigate headings, landmarks, links, etc. )

Other Commands


| Command Search for a word or a phrase

Ctrl + F Keyboard help

Insert + 1 Next blockquote Next key you hit ignores NVDA and is a normal key stroke Insert + F2 Speak characters typed

Insert + 2 Speak words typed

Insert + 3 Read entire foreground window ( e. g. for dialogs )

Insert + B Announce title of the current foreground window

Insert + T


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