HR Interview Questions Phase 4 | The Negotiation, heading 2

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HR Interview Questions Phase 4 | The Negotiation
This round is about negotiating salary and other specifics. The key here is to tell the hr how much value you can add to the company and also you should not hesitate to ask ‘how working with them will benefit you’ or ‘why you should join their company’. Know about their culture, policies etc. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. If you’ve made it to this hr interview questions round you’re already the right candidate for them.

You do not have all the experience for this position or How do you compensate for your lack of experience for this position?

Both questions direct towards how can you compensate for the lack of prerequisite of the position.
Focus on your ability to innovate, adapt, quickly respond to new challenges.
If it is a major lack of skill mention the measures you have undertaken to attain that necessary skill.
Have you ever fired anyone in the past? How would you go about doing so should the need arise?

The two things this question intend to obtain if you are your emotional quotient and decision making skills. Can you make tough choices? How firm are you in your actions and how do you handle your colleagues?
Focus on the interest of the company and how firing a particular candidate would lie in the interest of the firm
Keep your focus on how your priority would be the work, the project and how you wouldn’t compromise with it in the face of an incapable worker.
Have you ever committed a mistake at work?

Every person at some point makes some mistakes. So before you answer this question, analyze the magnitude of your error and the impact it had upon your work.
Narrate an insightful experience and focus on what you did to correct that mistake and the lesson you learned from it.
Also talk about the lessons you apply to avoid making such mistakes now.
Would you be happy to relocate should the need arise?

Depending on the nature of the position you are applying for, the question may or may not come as a surprise.

State your convenience or incontinence over the matter clearly to avoid miscommunication.
If you are prepared for relocation or anticipated this subject, show an affirmative attitude towards it.
Discuss the most daunting situation you confronted in your previous job.

Discuss the stressful situation you managed to overcome and maintain a positive attitude while answering the question.
Focus on the demanding and challenging nature of the work and how you carried it out. This will leave the impression that you can handle stressful situations and also handle challenges.
Can you work independently?

Show an affirmation for working independently but don’t oversell the idea as that may give the impression that you can’t work with teams.
Focus on the creative methods you may include should you work without teams or supervision.
Do you plan on undertaking further studies?

Be honest about the matter. If you are involved in distance learning, or interested in further studies, mention it.
You may also talk about the certifications and online learning forums you have undertaken to increase your knowledge.
The purpose of the question is to know whether you are a constant learner or not.
Tell us about your accomplishments in the past year.

The aim of the question is to know how productive, valuable and goal oriented you are.
Focus on your professional achievements only.
Mention the projects you carried out, your contributions to your previous firm.
Talk about the positive feedback you received from your superiors and colleagues
You stayed too long in your last job. Why so?

The purpose of the question is to understand your motivation behind pursuing this role or position in particular.
Talk about the growth and insight you attained from your previous job.
Mention the promotions and benefits of your last job.
Also, highlight the cause for your sudden interest in this position from your last job. Be particular to mention what you intend to gain and learn from this job.
What kind of a salary are you looking for?

It is advised that you come prepared for this question.
Know the maximum and minimum salary that is offered for this position.
Ask the HR about the salary that is offered by the company and then accordingly mention your additional work experience that makes you suitable for a hike.
How quickly do you adapt to new technology?

It is important that you show adaptability towards emerging technology because most jobs are increasingly becoming tech oriented.
Talk about your previous experience with technological changes and additions in your work and how you inculcated it in your workspace.
You may also mention your awareness of various technologies and technical insight related to the position that you are applying for.
What motivates you?

The question is aimed to gain insight on your feeling about the work you do.

Talk about the aspects of your job particularly that motivate you to do more and grow.
Mention the motivation behind applying for this job.
Talk about the macro level purpose that your work fulfills and how that influences you to go on.

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