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HR Interview Questions Phase 3
You’ve made it to the semi-final round of questions, these hr interview questions are to know how would you add value to the workplace and the culture. Your work ethics. you professional goals and motivations etc.

How do you feel about work extra shifts?

It may happen that the nature of your position requires extra hours of work. State your convenience and inconveniences with extra hours clearly to avoid miscommunication.
Are you open to experimenting and undertaking risks?

Give a reasonable answer that shows your innovative attitude. However, mention that you retain your past mistakes in mind before undertaking a new venture or something rather less familiar.
You could narrate past experiences wherein a risky or rather experimental approach led to a favorable result.
How would you improve our current product or service?

The HR professional wants to know whether you could contribute to their company in an innovative way.
Can you be a quick thinker with reforming ideas
Do not focus on the shortcomings of the company’s current service. Focus on your methods that can improvise.
Depending upon the role and position, this question can get particularly specific.

How long would you expect to work should you be hired for this job?

Through this question, the HR professional basically wants to know whether the candidate put up with the work or not.

Show a willingness to work for as long as the company requires your service an expertise.
Focus on how much opportunity lies in this work and how you intend to attain that for as long as possible.
Would you like to ask any questions?

Do not refrain from asking anything. Such a question makes the interview more interactive and less interrogative.
Ask about the growth prospects, specificity of the product or service, company’s vision.
Pick up from a topic that was addressed earlier, this shows that you had been paying attention and are keen about the job.
Are you comfortable working in a team?

The role or position you apply for may involve engagements with teams. Your attitude towards teamwork could determine your suitability for the job.

Be affirmative about working in teams because chances are it is inevitable.
Focus on your ability to generate a holistic, productive rapport with your colleagues.
You may give examples of your past job wherein you handled projects with teams.

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