HR Interview Questions Phase 2

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If you have made it to this round, congratulations. Next round or phase is to know if you’re a good fit for the role and the company. You should prepare before your hr round to answer the questions which are directly retelated to the job

Why should we hire you?

This is a sort of question where it is required of the candidate to sell herself.

Mention your strengths, expertise in the field, accomplishments.
Demonstrate your quick learning ability and adaptability.
Evidence example of how you contributed to your past company in terms of revenue, value, and brand.
Try not to portray your self-interest and also do not tend to contest or compare with other candidates.
Tell about an instance in the past of a conflict with a coworker and how you resolved it.

Keep aside personal conflicts and talk about a professional situation wherein you confronted disagreement with a coworker.
The question intends to expand upon your problem-solving techniques and methods.
Focus on how you resolved a conflict, what changes you brought forth to avoid future conflict and emphasis upon the strategy you deployed in order to do so.
How would your current manager describe you?

It would be inappropriate and to get into a self-congratulatory talk.
The question wants your honest response on the kind of feedback you have received in the past.
Quote from your last performance review and mention the qualities your manager highlighted about you.
You may also highlight how your current manager helped you improve upon after the feedback you were given.
What is your ideal workplace or company?

Answer what you look for in a work environment rather than you name a list of companies you wish you worked for.
Address the growth, learning, and knowledge you wish to acquire a then talk about the kind of firm that you believe will provide that.
Describe your ability to work under pressure

Through this question, the HR professional is basically trying to figure out how prepared you are for the particular position that you are applying for.

Look for a past experience of yours where you worked under immense pressure and acted on the matter accordingly.
Focus on the strategies you deploy.
Show your awareness about the kind of pressure that can come up in taking up the position you are applying for.
Describe your management skills

Give precise details on how you strategist your work. However, be concise in your response.
For instance, you may explain how your flexibility, adaptability help you ensure how you manage to achieve your goal.
Talk about your sense of punctuality, regularity etc.
Do you have any serious medical condition?

Since the question specifies a ‘serious health conditions do not elaborate on your response if your medical condition is rather benign.

Give the details, the risk, the impact it can cause or causes to your work life.
Depression, anxiety, mental health conditions should also be addressed as they can have a serious influence on one’s work life.
Most importantly focus on how you have managed to mitigate your problem and the measures you have undertaken to improvise on your condition.

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