HR Interview Questions Phase 1

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Generally for initiating conversation and make the candidate comfortable while getting to know them and how are they as a professional candidate. It is really important to answer following questions in hr round to make that first impression. This phase gives you the ability to take the interview in a direction you want

Tell me about yourself

The question gives a sense of the candidate to the HR, puts forth the first impression and directs the questions that need to be addressed further.
Tell about your previous positions, roles, contributions. Your areas of strength and why this job position suits you.
Refrain from sharing personal information.
Share insight an your past experience on the project or the position that you are applying for.
Why are you leaving your present job?

Retain to not complain about your previous employer or the job. Elaborate on why this job transition lies in your best interest, how you can contribute to the firm and how can you grow from this position.
Talk about the opportunities that you look forward to and how you intend to learn.
Show gratitude for your past employer. For instance, you may answer
You have switched jobs/ jumped ship frequently. Why?

The question is directed to experienced professionals who have switched more than a couple of jobs in a rather short period.
Focus on your ability to adapt, experience and insight gained from the job changes, your growth and development in your profession.
Why do you want to work for this company?

Show a willingness to work for the firm.
Show your knowledge about the company and the position.
Relate your experience and expertise that would be of value to the firm
Demonstrate your knowledge about your employer’s vision, purpose, and work.
What would you consider your strengths and weaknesses?

This is a particularly popular question that often comes up.

Talk more about your strengths than the weaknesses.
Talk about your weakness and how you can improve upon it.
Strengths are not the same as your interests and neither are weaknesses a dislike for something.
Make a precise comment with the clarity of thought. For instance, don’t mention contradictory strengths and weakness that shows a degree of ignorance.
Talk about multi tasking, problem solving, decision making skills in terms of strengths.

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