How To Keep Your Employees Happy And Motivated

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The key to a successful business is a wholesome process which not only involves keeping your customers happy, but your team happy as well. When you walk into work and see sad, desolate and unmotivated people, then something is definitely wrong with your team. If this is happening on a regular basis, then here is how you can increase the morale, motivation and happiness of your team:

1. Give incentives which aren’t cash oriented

When it comes to keeping your employees happy, remember, cash benefits aren’t the only thing which keeps them motivated. The problem with money is, it becomes too generic, showing your employees you haven’t really put an effort into their reward. In a study conducted by the Maritz Institute and the Incentive Research Foundation, it was discovered, participants who attended virtual award ceremonies received greater satisfaction from the non cash based rewards. Studies further show, if you reward people with other benefits, they are likely to remember the reward rather than the cash. The memory of why they got the award is then embedded for a longer time and the effort is appreciated.

2. Make sure to maintain a proper work and life balance

One of the ways to keep your employees happy and satisfied is by giving them the option of maintaining a proper balance between work life and personal life. In today’s cutthroat world, it is no longer sufficient to just give them benefits. Focus on giving them an experience which not only makes them want to work, but gives them the chance to spend time at home as well. Make them want to work and not just feel like they have to come to work.

3. Make work fun

When it comes to making the workplace a fun environment, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should have games and fun all the time. Google gives employees the option of working on bean bags and also has multiple recreation rooms. Deloitte has an Infinity Pool on its terrace and has exercise rooms so well equipped, they make even the laziest person want to exercise. Like the saying goes, “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy!” With an atmosphere which lets you unwind, not only are your employees more productive, there is also a sense of community building and an increase in bonding. Give your employees the push they need for a happy work atmosphere and everything will fall into place.

4. Give credit where it is due

Imagine this, you worked extremely hard on a particular project and kept all your other priorities aside just to finish the task at hand. However, when the time came for the project to be reviewed, not only were you overlooked, you weren’t given any recognition. While you may not have wanted to be appreciated outright, a little pat on the back wouldn’t hurt, right? Whether you like it or not, this usually happens to most employees. When it comes to getting your employees’ morale up, remember to always give credit where it is due. Appreciate the effort they are putting into completing their projects. Through this, you give them the confidence that you appreciate their work. The more you appreciate people for what they do, the more they want to work.

5. Be open to feedback

When you encourage feedback from your employees, you create a healthy work environment. Don’t have a negative roadblock to the kind of responses you get because when your employees give you feedback, it means they care about the work they are doing. Whatever feedback you get, even if it is negative, take it in your stride. At the end of the day, you are working toward bettering yourself and your company.

Happy employees make the company successful and a successful company is what you want at the end of the day, right? If you know any other way to improve your employees’ morale, comment and let us know!, In pager

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