How to gain weight fast

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How to gain weight fast

Want to gain weight but not willing to wait for months for the results! Don’t worry there are number of ways to increase weight quickly and safely. The few selected ways that are highly reliable and effective are listed below.

1) Jump beyond three meal a day

Start eating 4-5 meals in a day and that too adequately proportioned meals. You should not eat only when you are hungry. On the contrary, whenever, you feel there is some space in your stomach, just fill it with some nutritious meal. It means, the whole day, you should be eating.

Eat 5 meals in a day

2) Prefer nutrients rich whole foods

The healthiest way to gain weight is to consume whole foods full of nutrition and calories. Mainly consume fresh items not the frozen ones like frozen meat, snacks and vegetables. Also, avoid junk food and sugary drinks as it will increase fat instead of muscles in your body. And we want to gain weight thorough muscles not through fat.

3) Consume plenty of fat, protein and carbohydrate

There should be balance in your daily intake of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. You can’t miss any one out of these three and also can’t depend solely on any one of these for healthy weight gain. For fat, make a habit to use healthy oils like olive oil, coconut oil and safflower oil. For proteins, eat eggs, fish, chicken breasts and even pork. And, for carbohydrates, the brown rice and whole grain products are the best options.



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4) Focus on high-calorie fruits and vegetables

Include only calorie-rich fruits and vegetables in your meal. Dry fruits like prunes, dates, figs and apricots are very useful. In vegetables, the starchy ones likes sweet potato, corn, carrot and peas are the finest options to gain weight.


5) Increase intake of dairy drinks and foods

Dairy products are high in calories. You can choose dairy drinks and foods of your choice. The most liked dairy products to gain weigh are cheese, milk based desserts, milk shakes, butter and clarified butter.

6) Build muscle mass through weight exercises

Muscles have a significant role to play in increasing body-weight. Weight exercise is the best way to increase muscle-mass. But don’t forget the intake of protein rich shakes and meals after your exercise. As protein is a building block for the muscles without it you can’t grow your muscles bigger.

7) Get adequate or more sleep

During sleep repair and regeneration of cells happen. 7-8 hours sleep is necessary to sustain the increased calories and proteins intake. Also, the fatigued muscles get proper rest which is necessary for them to grow bigger in size, mass and weight.

8) Add more toppings

There are various healthy toppings such as milk cream, butter, peanut butter and mayonnaise. Add these to whichever food it can be added. Like on your coffee, toasts, and any other snack.

9) Limit caffeine

Avoid beverages like tea and coffee as they contain caffeine which suppresses appetite. You won’t be able to eat more if continue such beverages in your daily-routine. You can drink water to curb the craving for caffeine. Water also will help you rapidly process the extra calories and protein taken to put on weight.

10) Don’t forget to eat before bed

Fill your stomach with some carbs and calorie-rich food before going to bed. Potato is a very good source of carbs. And foods like yogurts, whole wheat bagel and low-fat cheese are loaded with calories.


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