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I’m a secular. Don’t know secular? All religions and clans are equal.

It is only by those who think that I am no longer a vegetable buyer that a vegetable can stick their leftovers, mint, spell, sweat etc. I don’t buy anything from anyone who can make me doubt those who sell the disgusting things mentioned above for vegetables and fruits. There is no question of religion in this.

I rent my house only to those who maintain cleanliness and cleanliness within the rental house. It is only those who live with the consciousness of being citizens of this country. Only those who are proud to be born in this country. It is only me who comes to believe who is not a bomber. Only for those who do not look like terrorists. People who live like a hostel and come to mind are not allowed to rent in my house. I reserve the right to not pay rent to those who do not live in the sense of being citizens of this country, who have no pride, pride or love for this country. There is no question of religion in this.

Plumbing work, electric work, mastery work, carriage service, puncher …. Whatever the job, I only do it with people who are passionate about my country. Electronic goods, groceries, leather goods, clothing, slippers … are all from those who think that the economy of this country will be improved by who I buy. Whoever gives the kinchit contribution to the economy of this country is my business. I don’t have a deal with anyone who doesn’t pay the law of the country and wants to make the country’s economy burbad. There is no question of religion in this.

I am the one who decides to have my children with them. My and my children’s association with those who have at least some basic information about the history, geography and civics of the country. The primary concern about health is my and my children’s business with people who know and care. There is no business for me and my household with any community person who feels that he is sick and will distribute it to everyone else. Because maintaining our health is our first priority. There is no question of religion in this.

I have the absolute right to decide who my friends should be. I can only be friends with people who pay for civil laws. I do not pay tribute to people who cross traffic and break road rules seamlessly. I have no respect for people who have no respect for public property. My friendship with people who are physically assaulted by the police and doctors, the law enforcement, and the lawlessness of all the law is not possible. So I consider myself a friend, a citizen, or a human being. There is no question of religion in this.

Secular as you are.

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