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And there you have it. This is everything you need to know in order to start becoming a better leader and to let your authority, passion and wisdom emanate.

And hopefully, this is all rather intuitive as you’ve read through it all. Maybe you’ve even been able to relate it all back to people you know from your own life. We’ve all seen bad leaders: they’re the ones who clearly don’t care and who don’t want to be there. And they’re the ones who want to try and ‘act like leaders’ by doing the things they think that ‘leaders do’ – that means micromanaging, making arbitrary rules and shouting at people.

Leadership is none of that. Leadership is something that emerges when one person has passion, vision and a cool level head to execute on their plan to make that vision a reality. If you truly love what you do, people will be inspired to follow you and see what it is you love so muChapter If you cut a new path through the wilderness, people will be intrigued to see where it leads. And if you have the most knowledge and demonstrate the confidence in how to use it, people will turn to you for advice and guidance. Don’t be a leader – just love what you do and be willing to stake everyone on your vision.

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