Chapter 25

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25: Stop underestimating your worth

It is important that you do not underestimate your worth, as you are what you think you are, self-esteem is all about thoughts and what you think of yourself. If you think confidence then you will appear confident, and then this will show on the outside when people realize their worth, they are able to face life with greater confidence and optimism about the future. They are more likely to be able to reach their goals and gain experience, satisfaction and happiness from life, are better able to form lasting relationships that work and are better able to cope with whatever life throws at them. A person who realizes their self- worth is a happy well-adjusted person who possess the ability to cope with anything and anyone throughout their life and is capable of doing anything they set their mind on doing.

Problems caused by underestimating your self-worth
Many problems can occur in your life simply by underestimating your own self-worth, a lack of self-worth affects your sense of well being, causes problems with your feelings and needs, affects your ability to make good healthy choices in relationships, work and life in general and cause fears such as abandonment and problems such as people continually striving for perfection but never seeming to reach it. A lack of self-worth has been attributed to being indecisive, addictions such as smoking, drinking, drug abuse, compulsive shopping disorder and problems with eating such as bulimia and anorexia.

Realizing your self-worth
Each one of us is capable of realizing our self-worth, we do not have to do anything special in order to gain or deserve self-esteem. The key to realizing your self-worth is getting that little voice inside your head to stop putting you down all the time, it is our own thoughts and feelings that drive us to develop a low self-esteem. This little voice has developed over a long period of time, casting self-doubt onto ourselves until we genuinely believe that we aren’t worthy or capable, it is our own minds that develop our feelings of low self- esteem, not some outside force. There are several ways in which you can begin to change your pattern of thought and boost your self-esteem that in turn begins the process of realizing your true self-worth, the basics behind making this correction are:

Learning to recognize self-critical thoughts and stopping them

Learning to replace self-thoughts with more positive ones

Sticking with the habit of correcting your negative thoughts with more positive ones

There are many ways in which you can begin to set the pattern of changed thoughts but perhaps the easiest one is using affirmations, which are simply positive statements and using these to replace any negative thoughts, examples of positive affirmations could be:

This is a new and exciting challenge – this could be used to replace thoughts such as this is too hard or I can’t do this it’s beyond me.

I am a confident, worthy individual – replace this when you have thoughts such as can I do this or I could never do this.

I can do anything my heart desires if I put my mind to it – this can be used to replace thoughts such as I’m not sure if I’m capable of completing this task or I don’t know if I can complete what is asked of me.

All of these are simple affirmations that you can use to gradually change the way you think, which in time will change the way you feel about yourself and encourage you to realize your true self-worth.

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