Brand essence

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Brand Essence
It is a single most compelling thing about a brand that differentiates it from the competing brands. The brand essence serves as a metric to evaluate the seller’s marketing strategies. The most important brand essences arise from consumers’ needs. Brand essence can be described in just a few words.

For example, Volvo − Safe travel. Disney − Fun family entertainment.

There are seven contributing elements of brand essence −

● Authenticity − If the brand makes a promise and fails to keep, then it is rejected. The consumers expect the sellers to be genuine and truthful.

● Consistency − The essence of a brand is lost if it is not consistent in providing what it promised to the consumer. Also, a brand should use its logo consistently over time.

● Durability − The brand essence remains same over time. Even if packaging and logos change, the essence does not change.

● Experience − It is the consumers experience with the brand.

● Uniqueness − It is how different a brand is from its competitors.

● Relevance − It is the relevance of a brand to the consumer.

● Single mindedness − It is sticking to only one thing about the brand which keeps the brand focused.

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