Basic Principles

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Basic Principles
Appreciative Inquiry involves a clear and transparent understanding of the working procedure of any organization. To achieve that understanding, it’s very important for the person to be a good communicator. The basic foundations of Appreciative Approach are based on some scientific assumptions regarding human behaviour.

Speaking should lead to doing
Words are not simply a medium of conversation between two individuals. By talking together, we get an opportunity to we create a reality for us. What we say has an effect on our relationship with others. Hence, the influence that words have on others can’t be ignored.

We cannot underestimate words by simply regarding them as tools for talking. We can construct a vision for the future by conversing together. The words that we speak inspire our thoughts and motivate us to do better in life.

To know is to change
We challenge the reality of a fact when we ask a question. As a conversation moves in the direction of a question, we realize that there can be nothing such as a neutral question. Most questions will end up being tough to answer, especially in a working environment where important discussions are made.

Basic Principle
We create the new by looking ahead
Everything changes. We need to look forward to a change that has the ability to bend the future to our advantage. This is the key motivation behind people who make speculations about the future.

People get strongly motivated by positive images
A choice of positive sounding words and a positive performance always attract people. Thus, possibilities and capabilities are always an outcome of positive images. Positive actions, the core of sustainable change, are always led by positive conversations that paint a welcome image in the minds of listeners.

Choosing with creativity
Appreciative questioning encourages people to have an open future. If you focus your attention on your choices, you become creative. Questions on what makes you happy has a different effect on your psyche’ than questions about what make you unhappy.

Coherent relationships can be created by stories
By sharing stories of real life events with our partners and coworkers, we become more and more committed towards them, and they towards us. A feeling of trust develops among the people by doing so. This also gives us the opportunity to learn.

Relationship between people
When people engage themselves in sharing something, they tend to get along. This bonding with one another determines the outcome of the partnership. Questioning in an appreciative manner enhances the chances of a good quality relationship.

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