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9. The Secret To You

This chapter explores the nature of the Universe, according to The Secret. Byrne cites a roll call of experts who agree that the Universe is composed of energy. John Assaraf explains, “Everything is made up of the exact same thing, whether it’s your hand, the ocean, or a star.” Byrne points out that this theory is backed by quantum physics. Since people are made up of energy, they also have a frequency, which is determined by their thoughts and emotions.

Byrne then talks about the spiritual side of The Secret. She argues that since we are made of energy and energy cannot be destroyed (it only changes form), it makes sense to believe our true essence “has always been and always will be. You can never not be.” Byrne also points out that every possible invention, idea or knowledge is already out in the Universe, waiting for somebody to draw from it.

The same principle applies to fighting with others. Competition comes from the idea that there’s not enough to go around, so people have to compete against each other to get what they want. But by competing, they’re reinforcing the idea that there truly isn’t enough to go around.

Byrne expands on the spiritual connection by saying we are all “God in a physical body.” Each one of us has the power to create because we’re all cosmic beings.

Byrne also cautions against dwelling on the past. People who keep thinking about previous difficulties cannot concentrate on creating a new life. Byrne recommends using the power of “I am.” Instead of saying negative things such as “I am overweight” or “I am broke,” Byrne recommends using words to attract positive results such as “I am healthy” or “I am happy.”

Byrne follows up by reminding readers to always be aware of their thoughts. When the mind is left to run wild, it allows all kinds of thoughts to enter including negative ones. Instead, Byrne says it’s important to stop and ask, “What am I thinking now? What am I feeling now?” Byrne also believes that the Universe can answer any questions. Once the question is released into the Universe, the answer will manifest at some point. However, awareness is key to “catch” the answer, as it can come in many different forms, such as a newspaper headline, an overheard conversation or even a sudden inspiration or mental image.

To end the chapter, Byrne talks again about loving oneself and how difficult that is for many people. She says the key to loving yourself is looking at the presence inside you. “Those who focus on loving that presence will realize that everything else falls into place.”

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