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8. The Secret To The World

This chapter can be summarized by a short quote by Carl Jung: “What you resist persists.” Resisting actually pours more energy into the very thing you fear. This creates additional pictures, emitting a signal that reinforces the events. By focusing on fighting against poverty or war, the world is putting energy into those two things, instead of channeling that energy into peace and wealth.

The key is to realize what we don’t want and then focus on the opposite. So instead of contemplating on the war and the misery it brings, it’s best to focus on positive changes that can be made. By ignoring the negative, the Universe is receiving feelings of well-being and will return just the same to you.

Michael Bernard Beckwith then shares the myth of “not enough.” He says people have become accustomed to the idea that there’s simply “not enough to go around.” As a result, people experience fear, greed and other negative emotions because they feel they have to fight for what they want before somebody else takes it. However, Beckwith believes there’s enough joy and power to go around. Byrne reinforces this idea by saying that since everything comes from inside the mind, it’s impossible that “there’s no enough” for everybody. The mind creates whatever it can imagine, so there are truly no limits to what you can achieve.

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