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About serves our clients in the areas of strategy consulting, management consulting, business transformation, digital transformation, program and project management, culture change, leadership development, learning and training, organizational change management, people, information technology, enterprise systems, operational excellence, simplifying complexity, business process, lean six sigma, supply chain management, manufacturing and business turnaround.

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who we are!

Pentareddyn.COM is a global business consulting firm located in Bengaluru Karnataka india

We have a deep and longstanding commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in business, in society, and within our firm.

At, diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just moral imperatives, they are integral to our mission—to help our clients make substantial, lasting performance improvements and to build a firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

Through our groundbreaking research, we have set out a compelling business and economic case for diversity. Using our global reach, we share our insights, convene partnerships for action, and serve clients to inform critical decision-makers with the power to make real change.

combined with latest technologies helps us create customized solutions that have a positive and lasting impact on the businesses’

What We Do

Digital Industry

Representing the digital industry is at the core of our mandate. We believe that some of the key parameters of economic and social development such as job creation, innovation, contribution to the GDP, inclusion and empowerment of the citizens are going to be driven by the digital industry.

We believe in the power of critical thinking, creativity, and storytelling etc to teach our members to solve mankind’s toughest problems.



We’re advocates of rapid agile development. We simply can do things faster than the others. And if something’s not quite right, we’ll fix it very fast.

And what more – we are no bullshit company. Less talk. More work.


We can offer flexible prices and serve small businesses and also international conglomerates with thousands of employees. Our services are available to companies from almost any part of the world. We can adapt to our client needs no matter how big they are.


We always start by getting to know all about you and your business. We want to know everything: your goals, your strengths, your weaknesses, your triumphs, and your failures. We’ll define the major objectives for the project, and we’ll take a close look at the audience we’re targeting.


We listen, and once we understand, we give our advice in a simple, concise and (relatively) jargon-free way. We think of ourselves as the most user-friendly digital team around, making sure our solutions solve your problems, support your branding and achieve the objectives that matter to you.

Who We Help

Early Stage

Get your ideas validated, check for feasibility, scalability, design a workable business model, plan for growth and implementation assistance with mentoring


Baseline your current business operations, identify opportunities for growth and profitability improvement, streamline your business processes. Get coached for success, build capability of your teams. Use our expertise to restructure the business for organic, inorganic and global expansions and readiness for due diligence. Leverage our expertise for management support and bandwidth. Differentiate through digital transformation.


Elevate and nurture the leadership quotient of top, senior and mid-level key talent through our immersive experiential learning programs, individual and group life and business / functional coaching. Partner with us to professionalise and scale your extended stakeholder network of dealers, distributors. Redefine and transform to create higher levels of economic value.

We work with Family Businesses, Venture and Impact Funds and Incubators & Accelerators to facilitate growth and Return on Investment (RoI) across Business Functions.

Our aim

is documenting our investments to produce original long-form content to empower a loyal, hardworking, inspiring, well-meaning and ambitious worldwide audience to solve the most important problems and, as a result, make a positive and meaningful impact on the world.

Our members make a difference because they aspire for more than that which society had intended for them. They do not confuse aspiration for ambition. They choose the latter. They act.

We provide a full range of content development, marketing and distribution services for wholly owned CONTENTS, COURSES,  programs, documentaries, feature films, and podcasts ETC SERVICES LIST OF SOME TOPICS ARE LISTED HERE

EXAMPLE:  entrepreneurship , business strategy, strategic planning, problem- solving, critical thinking, design thinking, creativity, communication, leadership development, innovative thinking, first principle,  and innovation ETC

streamed in >150 countries 24/7 through feature-rich Apps, websites AND OTHER PLATFORMS. key role is to ensure the growth and sustainability of this industry.

Our differentiators

Our approach – baseline, standardise, benchmark, continual improvement. Lasting value, impact for our clients – result, not just reports, turn recommendations into concrete actions.

We care for our clients business as our own. We think and act like business partners, not academic advisors.

We share our clients aspirations, work to understand their reality, and align our outcomes with their objectives, so they know we’re in this together.

We maintain long-standing client relationships by consistently delivering in-depth, data driven insights to positively impact topline and bottomline. The Culture encourages-performance excellence with a focus on individual, and team aspirations linked to organisation objectives maintaining a healthy balance.

Our Charter

Our charter is to keep digital in the center and fire up three stakeholders: users, industry and the Government.

As a result, we are actively involved in:

Spreading the use of internet to a billion plus GLOBAL POPULATION.

Creating an enabling environment for digital companies to thrive and add value to the economy and society.

Promoting the Internet ecosystem with special programmes designed for the emerging entrepreneurs and start-up ecosystem! and

Helping Government leverage digital for better governance and development.


is part of a vibrant ecosystem of all committed to championing entrepreneurs, startups, innovators and  others stakeholders.

OUR Visions’ culture:

is based on three core values that are woven into everything we do.

By following these three values, we build each other up, strengthen our tribe, and continually exceed industry standards in customer advocacy year after year.

Serve Each Other First

We serve each other and our customers first in everything we do.

Play Boldly and With Purpose

We encourage each other to make bold, purposeful decisions.

Own Your Results

We each take ownership of our individual results and performance.  bottom line.

Why do you want to work with us ?

Client Focus

We invest in relationships with our clients. We are totally committed to providing a hassle-free experience and excellent customer support.

Let’s work together

Our Competitive Cost

Our main goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of satisfaction and maintain affordability.

Our Quality Policy

We provide innovative solutions that make business processes more efficient, help businesses stay competitive and lead to better profits.

Our goal:

The goal with is to open you up to various business and practical subjects that will help you to cultivate exclusive skills that you can use in your personal and professional lives.

We encourage you to dive deep by exploring content related to the subject you are interested in or by getting out of your comfort zone and seeking out something new.


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Our expertise:

quickly understanding your business, leveraging our knowledge and experience to create a unique strategy, implementing it and refining it, until it meets your objectives. We love a business challenge and know how to use data and technology to derive positive outcomes for our clients.

OUR Vision, Mission & Values:

Our Vision:

To create world class platforms that transform lives OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP!

Our mition:

to advance business by

is to innovate and accelerate DIVERSITY inclusion AND EQUITY to transform the lives of ENTREPRENEURSHIP!

OUR Objectives:

We will continuously delight our customers in current and new businesses by delivering superior value through enhanced offerings on the internet digital, and other platforms. We will do this by preserving our entrepreneurial spirit and leveraging our financial strength and expertise in building brands, communities, product and technology; and sales and service

Our Values:


Customer Delight


High performance.

Global market leader


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