Don’t Miss the Bus!

How often have you been left at a bus stand because you were late by a minute? The bus just left, and you saw the bus going. Now you have to wait for a long time for the next bus to come. If you miss the bus, it’s OK. But in life, if you miss the bus, then you’re missing success!

Successful people know this secret – “Don’t miss the bus!” This means – don’t miss the opportunity and don’t miss striking at the right time. Successful people are alert; they come before the opportunity comes. They are ready for the opportunity when it comes, and when they’ve got to be there to make it happen, they are there. They are never late.

A successful person is punctual, ready, and alert, and never misses the opportunity. They catch every opportunity and convert it into success. Do you ever miss the bus? Remember that if you miss the bus, you will miss success!

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