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Maintenance Control

Maintenance department has to exercise effective cost control, to carry out the maintenance functions in a pre-specified budget, which is possible only through the following measures:

First line supervisors must be appraised of the cost information of the various materials so that the objective of the management can be met without extra expenditure on maintenance functions.

A monthly review of the budget provisions and expenditures actually incurred in respect of each centre/shop will provide guidelines to the departmental head to exercise better cost control. The total expenditure to be incurred can be uniformly spread over the year for better budgetary control. However, the same may not be true in all cases particularly where overhauling of equipment has to be carried out due to unforeseen breakdowns. Some budgetary provisions must be set aside, to meet out unforeseen exigencies.

The controllable elements of cost such as manpower cost and material cost can be discussed with the concerned personnel, which may help in reducing the total cost of maintenance. Emphasis should be given to reduce the overhead expenditures, as other expenditures cannot be compromised.

It is observed through studies that the manpower cost is normally fixed, but the same way increase due to overtime cost. However, the material cost, which is the prime factor in maintenance cost, can be reduced by timely inspections designed, to detect failures. If the Inspection is carried out as per schedule, the total failure of parts may be avoided, which otherwise would increase the maintenance cost.

The proper handling of the equipment by the operators also reduces the frequency of repair and material requirements. Operators, who check their equipment regularly and use it within the operating limits, can help avoid many unwanted repairs. In the same way a good record of equipment failures/ maintenance would indicate the nature of failures, which can then be corrected even permanently.

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