Ch. 03: Be Sure You Are Attracting the Right Things, heading 1

The law of attraction is very powerful and it will continue to attract things into your life, both good and bad, depending on the decisions you make and the thoughts and feeling that you have on a daily basis. You want to make sure that you are attracting as much positive you can from the universe and as little negative as possible.

As mentioned before, there is no stopping or hiding from the power of the law of attraction so you need to learn how to control it in order to draw only beneficial things into your life. The last thing you want is for everything to be going good and then you draw something into your life that ruins everything.

Learning how to use the power of the law of attraction to your advantage will take time, patience, and effort but in the end it will be well worth the effort. You will be amazed by how blessed your life becomes when you understand LOA and use it for the better.

The following chapter will go over the importance of drawing the right things into your life and will give you some idea on how you may start to draw in more positive things. Remember that this is going to be a learning process and it may not be something that you are able to master right away.

Bring In the Good

Your inner self projects energy into the universe that can be thought of kind of like radio signals. These signals contain your thoughts, desires and actions and the law of attraction will pick up on these signals. As mentioned before, everything in your life influences the law of attraction. You can use this power to bring in an ample amount of good things and opportunities into your life.

You want to make sure that you are always projecting positive signals for the law of attraction to pick up on. The law of attraction will bring in to your life what you project that you want. The thing is, sometimes we project signals without even knowing we are doing so. It is important that we get in touch with our true inner selves and learn how to communicate with them. We need to learn how to control our emotions and our thoughts. The way that we think influences the way that we act as well as the things that we do in our daily lives. That is why it is important that we find ways that we can begin to control our thoughts so that we may make better choices and actions and be blessed by the law of attraction.

The law of attraction can be influenced by other things as well such as the friends that you may have in your life or the people that you choose to associate yourself with. If you choose to be around negative people you will be influenced by negative energy. This negative energy will be picked up by the law of attraction and you will begin to naturally attract negative things into your life. You will soon see that everything is spiraling out of control and that nothing but negativity comes into your life. On the other hand, if you surround yourself with good people who emit positive energy you will be blessed by the law of attraction as you will begin to attract more positive things into your life.

Ultimately the choice is yours when it comes to what you want the law of attraction to bring in to your life. If you are still having a hard time believing how powerful this law is you need to think of the evidence of its existence that is all around us. Think about it, every action has a reaction so make sure you are making positive actions that will have positive reactions.

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