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Watch 200+ Video Courses on Finance, Career, Farming, Business & Life Skills

Financial Freedom App is India’s No1 Financial & Livelihood Education platform featuring 200+ video courses on Personal Finance, Career, Business, Farming & Life Skills taught by super successful people from respective fields. Join over 3 million learners from India who are on their mission to increase their income by 10 times.

LEARN IN THE LANGUAGE OF YOUR COMFORT: Both content & interface in Financial Freedom App is available in 6 languages. Watch Personal Finance, Career, Business, Farming & Life Skills Courses in English, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam.

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REAL HEROES & REAL STORIES: On Financial Freedom App, you will get to learn from the super successful people from the respective fields.

REPLICABLE FRAMEWORKS: All courses on Financial Freedom App are replicable frameworks.

LEARN ANYWHERE: Download courses to learn offline.

BE A PART OF FINANCIAL FREEDOM COMMUNITY: Join our community of Learners, Experts & Demonstration Centers to connect & share best practices. Ask & Answer questions through Videos, Attend Live Webinars by Experts and Visit Demonstration Centers to get hands-on training in the subject of your interest.


  1. Financial Freedom Course
  2. Mutual Funds Course
  3. Stock Market Course
  4. IPO Course
  5. Credit Score Course
  6. Credit Card Course
  7. Personal Loan Course
  8. Home Loan Course
  9. Financial Planning in the Post Covid World Course
  10. GST Course
  11. Money & KIds Course
  12. Tax Planning Course
  13. Term Insurance Course
  14. Health Insurance Course


  1. Career Building Course
  2. How to crack UPSC Course
  3. How to Become a Great Teacher Course
  4. How to Become a Successful IPS Officer Course
  5. How to Become a Successful Actor Course
  6. How to Become a Successful Writer Course
  7. How to become a Great Doctor Course
  8. How to crack KPSC Course
  9. How to Become a Successful Fitness Trainer Course
  10. How to crack CA Course
  11. How to Become a successful Lyricist Course
  12. How to build your career in Digital Marketing Course


  1. Multi Crop Farming Course
  2. Fish Farming Course
  3. Dairy Farming Course
  4. Pig Farming Course
  5. Earn 1 Lakh per Month from 1 Acre of Agri Land Course
  6. Bee Keeping Course
  7. Poultry Farming Course
  8. Sheep & Goat Farming Course
  9. Nursery Business Course
  10. Floriculture Course
  11. Forest Farming Course
  12. Dragon Fruit Farming Course
  13. Mushroom Farming Course
  14. Prawns Farming Course
  15. Jack fruit Farming Course


  1. Money & KIds Course
  2. Health is Wealth Course
  3. How to Become a Super Parent Course
  4. Cyber Security Course
  5. How to Eat Right Course
  6. Spoken English Course
  7. How to use MS Excel Course
  8. Public Speaking Course


  1. How to start a Business Course
  2. Food Truck Business Course
  3. Teracota Jewellery Business Course
  4. How to start a Global Business from Village Course
  5. Fish & Chicken Retailing Business Course
  6. Silk Thread Jewellery Business Course
  7. Veg Restaurant Business Course
  8. Handicraft Business Course
  9. Women Entrepreneur Course
  10. Non-Veg Restaurant Business Course
  11. Super Market Course
  12. Oil Mill Business Course
  13. Travel & Tourism Business Course
  14. Pickle Business Course
  15. Bakery & Sweets Business Course
  16. Saloon & Spa Business Course
  17. How to Build an IPO worth Company Course
  18. PR for Businesses Course
  19. How to build a successful Manufacturing Business Course
  20. Branding for Small Businesses Course
  21. Digital Marketing for Small Businesses, Course
  22. Why Sell Online Course
  23. Future of E-Commerce in India, Course

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