Difference between international and domestic b.p.o

Difference between international and domestic b.p.o

Skill sets required for domestic b.p.o

  1. Fluency in local language .
  2. Neutral accent
  3. Fluency in English without mother tongue  influence, correct pronunciation , of words  phrases in local and English language.

Skill sets required for international b.p.o

1.excellent fluency in English language

2.voice accent modulation has for the people of the country you serve

work environment in domestic b.p.o

1 work in shift as for the requirement

2.work as for the standers and work culture of the organization

Work environment in international b.p.o

1.work in shifts as for the time zones of the different countries

2.understand and work as for the standers of the countries you are servicing

Clientele in domestic b.p.o

Understand the needs of Indian customer in terms of culture back ground   language  mind sets and economic status.

Clientele in international b.p.o

Understands the need  and  the behavior    of the customer and their  culture sensibility.

Role of the C.S.R

  1. Is the voice of the company
  2. Informs the customer about the product and service offered by the company .answer  queries resolves , problems, record complaints or receives feed back
  3. Can also  get appointments  for the customer for a personal meeting by a subject matter expert  to explain the concept of the products.
  4. Takes or makes calls that a usually scripted.

Expectations from a C.S.R

  1. Expected to communicate with  the customer to market and sell the product , services  of the organization.
  2. Is required to talk politely  professionally with the customer
  3. Is required to have in depth knowledge of the product and their features in order to convince the customer to buy.
  4. Is expected to meet target gives for the month.

Required skills from C.S.R

  1. Learning skills.
  2. Communication skills.
  3. Inter personal skill.
  4. Customer handling skills
  5. Time management skills
  6. Anger management
  7. Team work
  8. Telephone etiquettes
  9. Attention to detail and ability to follow instructions
  10. Problem solving skill over phone
  11. Telephone Ettiques
  12. 1.Hold Procedure
  13. May I please place your call on hold for a minute while I check the informationand get back to you
  14. Release  hold
  15. Thank you for being on hold I really appreciate your patience
  16. Transfer I request you to stay on line while I transfer the call to team leader or agent