B P O setup

B P O setup

Each C S R customer service representative will provided some equipments for handling phone calls and scripts

A computer

B headset

C script

Different roles for handling B P O

I job

1 C s R

2 team leader

3 quality controller

4 voice and acccin trainer

5 product and process trainer

6 manager

II role

1 handles customercalls

2 handles team of C S R

3 monitors the calls made by C S R

4 trains C S R on how to use the right tole

5 trains C S R on  B P O products and process

6 Manages employee performance and productivity or manages employees operation

Processes in B P O

1 voice process

The C S R speak over the phon and either takes calls form  the customer or makes calls to the customer

I inbound calls

When a C S R takes calls it is called inbound calls

II outbound calls

When a C S R makes calls is called outbound calls

2 non voice process

I inbound

Customer services through E mail or chat

II out bound

Data entry work like feeting information from paper and books