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1 SMART VISION DEVICE – A dream come true for the blind 1.

The Social Problem that SMART VISION addresses SMART VISION is a wearable device for the blind / visually impaired using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, and Machine Learning.

According to the World Health Organization, 90 per cent of all those affected by visual impairment live in the poorest countries of the world.

Of the 37 million people across the globe who are blind, over 15 million are in India.

There are 258 million people who are partially blind.

Poverty is often a determining and exacerbating factor in the prevalence of disabling conditions like visual impairment.

From personal safety to independence to opportunity and achievement, the device seeks to empower.

It facilitates the journey of the blind from a life of exclusion to one of inclusion, from a world of restricted participation and limited opportunities to one of participation and opportunities without boundaries.

The device has an electronic brain ( artificial intelligence ) which transforms their dark world into a more interactive, interesting and independent world.

They can read their favourite book, catch up with the news on magazines and newspapers, students can write their exams without scribes and so much more.

They can be independently mobile, cross the road at zebra crossings on their own and be safe on roads.

The associated mobile app also enables their near and dear ones to track them.


How the product is life – changing for the blind SMART VISION is an assistive wearable device that makes the world of the blind safe, productive, inclusive and friendly.

• It recognizes objects in its view such as vehicles, obstacles, traffic signals, zebra crossings, furniture

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2 • Identifies people, approximate age, expressions and recognizes people if a name is attached • Can read books, road signs and newspapers and manuscripts • Recognizes currency notes.

• Can talk in many Indian regional languages such as Hindi, Tamil and Telugu • Give directions to a destination when asked, using GPS 3.

OCR Feature:

The unique feature that transitions the blind to mainstream This device has the OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) feature which can read books, magazines, newspapers, or any handwritten material.

This device has the ability to read text irrespective of the orientation.

Scribes can be replaced by the device.

They will be alerted about traffic signals, zebra crossing and any obstacle on their way.

They can also recognize known faces through facial recognition and keep record of new faces.


What is unique about the product?

The SMART VISION is unique in the following way:

Indian regional language support in addition to English for the blind in India.

Object detection feature that is not existent with the only other similar product in the world.

Proximity sensor coupled with artificial intelligence for increased safety Cost of the product is the most unique feature.

It is priced low to facilitate affordability to the visually impaired India.

The only other similar product available is from Israel.

However, it does not have the unique features of object detection, Hindi and Indian language support and additional safety offered by Smart Vision.


The traction so far – key impact metrics.

The product has undergone clinical trials at Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai with 51 patients.

The hospital has opined that the device is highly usable and affordable.

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3 The product has successfully completed Beta testing with 12 blind schools.

So far, we have been creating traction through:

contacting blind schools in the country ophthalmologists, NGOs that are focussing in the area of blindness.

We are mobilizing financial capital required to scale our venture through NGOs and Rotary Club.


Our vision for the next 12 months Our goal is to enable 5000 blind persons to get virtual sight with these assistive devices by December 2021.

The next goal is to reach a wider group of beneficiaries of 10,000 blind / visually impaired people by end of June 2022.

To make the venture financially viable and sustainable, SMART HEALTH GLOBAL will fulfil the demand from Blind Schools across India and ophthalmologists.

Funds will also be raised from NGOs and Rotary clubs.

The NGOs will be able to donate the devices to schools and other organizations.

This venture is based on life satisfaction approaches based on the number of blind people and visually impaired that can be helped with the device to enable them to see virtually.