5. Good Lover to Your Girlfriend, Web view

So you’ve got a girlfriend? Big whoop… In case you haven’t noticed, this is where things really start heating up. You have to pay extra attention to make sure you don’t lose her to someone else; you have to make sure she’s happy and doesn’t want to leave you; you have to make sure that everything is perfect – because remember: ‘nothing lasts forever’.

With that in mind, discover several ways to make your relationship’s longevity increase and to be happier as a whole. Read on for the 4 killer tips on how to be a good boyfriend…

How to Be a Good Boyfriend – Know These Principles and You Will Not Fail

Tip #1: Some space required. The first thing to know about being a good boyfriend is when to let go. Demanding constant time and attention is a surefire way to make her either bored or, in the worst case scenario, sick of you. Giving her space and time is a way for her to cut loose and spend just a little time missing you. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Being extraordinarily clingy also leads to you no longer being the dominant one in the relationship. Once this happens, she’ll take total control and do whatever she wants without consulting you.

Tip #2: ‘I find you intriguing’. In the previous tip, we talked about space. And while, yes, this is a good thing, it needs to be moderated. Giving her too much space will result in her thinking you’re no longer interested.

It’s important to make sure she knows that all you are doing is respecting her and giving her time to breathe – NOT that you’ve lost interest. The best way to do this is through asking her questions and showing a genuine interest in her day. You need to set aside time to listen to her and her needs and make sure she knows that you’re there for her always.

Tip #3: ‘You raise me up where I belong’. Support is key. In all relationships, the amount of support that partners give each other is actually directly related to how long they last as a couple. You need to believe in your partners and support what they say. A major cause of relationship breakups are due to one partner not believing and supporting the other, so at all times you need to make sure you’re receptive to her ambitions.

If, however, you think you’ve done all of the above successfully, adequately, and to the best of your ability and you’re still worried that she’ll stray from the nest, there is a technique you can use to directly control her emotions and therefore guarantee that she won’t leave you. All you require to do it successfully is patience, time, and a basic knowledge of emotional triggers.

What you need to do is force her, through dialogue, to recall a series of events from her past that dredge up different emotional stimuli. So, for example, make her think about something happy and then something sad in the same breath. This will cause her brain to become emotionally addicted to you, and I can guarantee that, if this is done correctly, you will never lose her!