2. Listen and Acknoledge

These are important areas of life, and I have to pay attention to them, and I try my best to take advantage of every opportunity to come. I have to learn from previous experiences, so I am not making the same mistake.
Wherever you are running around the city, your practice starts with a friend, stands in line, or revolves around the market corridor, be careful as soon as you tune and breathe. You take your breath everywhere, and wherever you go, it is your center point to keep your connection.
Take this moment to recognize any other spirit with you. If you feel out of control, without accepting details about it or the stories behind it, accept it as only one sentiment. If you have uncontrolled fear that you are being mad, then recognize this feeling without understanding or experiencing this feeling.
When you inquire carefully, pay attention to the fear of physical fear or nervousness. Allow strange awareness in the experience, accept something like this in body and mind and let it happen.
Allow yourself to recognize incoming emotions and accept them and leave them.
Your emotional guidance system is the biggest cheerleader on your way to controlling your brain. When you are at the frequency with your highest and greatest, not only does your emotions tell you, whenever you run away from the distance, they tell you.