Sell people on benefits

The “selling ice to an Eskimo” comment may be intended as a compliment of someone’s selling ability, but in truth it highlights what a salesperson shouldn’t do. Selling products or services that aren’t genuinely useful, enjoyable, or in some other way beneficial to a customer may help a salesperson’s short-term retail sales numbers, but in the long run, you can’t be a great salesperson if you don’t consistently provide value to your customers. Selling things to customers that they’ll later regret buying will result in them returning them later, customers who won’t visit again and will likely spread negative impressions of you and your brand across Facebook and Twitter.
The best salespeople not only understand this principle, they put it to work for them when they are selling. They make it clear to the customer how an item will benefit them, and then they repeat what the customer will get from buying the product throughout the selling process.