Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Problem Solving Techniques

Tip I: “There is a solution to every problem.” (Sudhril Ruparelia. Founder and CEO Ruparelia Group)

Tip II: Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. (Arthur Ashe. Tennis player)

Tip III: Andrew Carnegie was once asked what he would do if everything he had achieved was taken away and this is what he said “I would make it back in 10 years.” (Andrew Carnegie, Businessman and Entrepreneur)

Starting a business or managing one requires efficient problem solving techniques from management.
The most successful business and corporate executives are required to be great problem solvers in order to enable smooth day to day business operations.

Entrepreneurs with great problem solving ability are always capable of solving business challenges both on the employee and client side.
All businesses are about solutions to customer problems.
If there are no problems there are no businesses.
All businesses get problems on an everyday basis.

In order to handle problem solving efficiently I excerpted a formula from the book “The Power of Self Discipline” by Brian Tracy that will assist in creating a credible business problem solving strategy.