6. How Difficult is it to Become a Doctor?

How Difficult is it to Become a Doctor?

Many people living in different parts of the world before choosing a career always consider about becoming a doctor. There are various reason for this. Doctors are highly paid, they are always in demand, therefore chances of unemployment are very less. Doctors also enjoy a high status in the society due to the noble cause they are associated with.

Many people consider being a doctor, but very few amongst them actually become a doctor. People generally underestimate the hard work and time required for this field. It may take about twelve to fifteen years to become a doctor, including eight years at college and medical school and about four to five years of residency preparation. This time duration may differ from one country to the other.

Apart from the time and hard work, a lot of money is also required to become a doctor. Dedication towards becoming a doctor plays a vital role. There are people who have strong determination about entering the medical field, but when they come to know about the hardships and complications involved they take a step back.

The steps involved in becoming a doctor are:

1) Taking relevant high school education is very important. Aspiring students should opt for courses like chemistry, biology and physics.

2) Obtaining a relevant bachelor’s degree is the next step. It should be made sure that the subjects like biology and chemistry are studied during graduation.

3) Taking MCAT exam is vital to obtain admission in a medical college. After clearing MCAT, you may also be called for an interview by the medical college.

4) Undertaking residency training- In this step students are required to choose a medical specialty and undergo the training for the same. The time required to become a doctor is determined by the type of specialty chosen.

5) Obtaining license- After completing the residency training you are required to take a license for practicing medicine. The time and formality involved in this differ from country to country.