Career Coaching


What is a career coaching?

It offers guidance to employee to individual, to clients. Career coaching assists clients to enable them to identify career goals and this is done by personal consultation.

Who are eligible to do career coaching ?

  • You should have the bachelor’s degree in the field of business or counseling.
  • You should have excellent communication skills.
  • Written skills should be up to the mark.
  • You should be able to tackle the various tasks.
  • You should be smart at problem-solving.
  • For being a potential career coach you should have the know-how about spreadsheet and database management skills.

You main aim should be:

Your aim must be to support people in making informed decisions about their career development and trajectory.

You have to offer different tools which they can use such as:

  • Resumes
  • Cover letters
  • LinkedIn profiles (to meet those goals)

Median Annual Salary (2015)*(2016)** $53,600 for educational, guidance, school, and vocational counselors* and $48,090 for college career counselors**

For approaching to your clients you need to have:

  • Strong referral business
  • Have an active social media presence

Figure out your Clients

First get to know who could be your ideal customers. Take the help of the internet because it is probably the best starting point as there are bombardment of websites and forums where people bunch up with particular topics or niches.

Once you are one in figuring out who your clients are then follow the given steps below:

Step 1
Determine your value proposal
Determine the problems of your customers or clients and present your proposal as how much helpful you could be.

Step 2
Present your programme
it should display your knowledge your work your experience in the concerned fields in to a signature program.
It will be the complete frame-work for everything you teach.
It will show the whole programmes and services you will give.

Average money a career coach makes

Salary $53,600 for educational/ guidance/school
vacational counselors: $48,090 for college career counselors