Classification And Types Of Advertising

Advertising And Sales Promotion

Classification And Types Of Advertising

Pioneering Advertising:

This type of advertising is used in the introductory stages in the life cycle of a product. It is concerned with developing a “primary” demand. It conveys information about, and selling a product category rather than a specific brand. For example, the initial advertisement for black – and – white television and colour television. Such advertisements appeal to the consumer’s emotions and rational motives.

ii. Competitive Advertising:

It is useful when the product has reached the market-growth and especially the market-maturity stage. It stimulates “selective” demand. It seeks to sell a specific brand rather than a general product category.

It is of two types:

A. Direct Type: It seeks to stimulate immediate buying action.

B. Indirect Type: It attempts to pinpoint the virtues of the product in the expectation

iii. Retentive Advertising:

This may be useful when the product has achieved a favorable status in the market – that is, maturity or declining stage. Generally in such times, the advertiser wants to keep his product’s name before the public. A much softer selling approach is used, or only the name may be mentioned in “reminder” type advertising.

2. Public Service Advertising

This is directed at the social welfare of a community or a nation. The effectiveness of product service advertisements may be measured in terms of the goodwill they generate in favour of the sponsoring organization. Advertisements on not mixing drinking and driving are a good example of public service advertising. In this type of advertising, the objective is to put across a message intended to change attitudes or behavior and benefit the public at large.

The Advertising Plan

As pointed out earlier, advertising plan and decision making focus on three crucial areas; objectives and target selection, message strategy and tactics, and media strategy and tactics. Let us elaborate on these points:❮ Previous ❯❮ Next ❯

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