Push and Pull Strategies

Advertising And Sales Promotion

Push and Pull Strategies

The push and pull promotional strategies may be used to enhance sales. The push strategy concentrates on middlemen or retailers who push the sale of the product to the final consumers. This strategy covers cooperative advertising, attractive terms of sale, coupons and discount facilities.

The pull strategy is directed toward the final buyers. It persuades the buyers to go to the sellers to buy. Sales promotion, particularly customer promotion, is an important form of the pull strategy. Customer promotion, may call for the offer of samples, money-refund offers, prices-off, premiums and so on.

Features of pull strategy

Pull strategies depend upon mass communication. Products are literally pulled by buyers through the channels on the basis of mass promotional efforts. In a pull strategy, the product is pulled through the channel by creating end- user demand. Customers force retail shops to stock those mass- promoted products. In turn, retailers demand the highly advertised product from wholesalers. The firms having well- known brands can exercise control over channels through pull promotion strategies. Personal salesmanship plays a secondary role in pull promotion. Marketer rely on intensive distribution. Dealer margins are also lower in pull promotion.

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