Ch. 04: Getting People To Take Action

Ch. 04:
Getting People To Take Action


A particular minute may open in the conversation to enroll the prospect. Invite them to take a closer look at the business. Be ready to set up an appointment, and ask for their email and phone number so that you’re able to follow up.

This part of the conversation may go something like this:

Getting Action

I understand exactly what you mean, John. What do you think it would take to make that change in your lifestyle?

Well, I’ve been thinking of this for years and haven’t tackled it.

What would the payoff be if you achieve this today?

I’d work 20 hours less each week and have more fun in my life!

That would be grand! Is there one step you are able to take today in that direction?

Find time to produce some products to give me recurrent income.

You really know what to do; it’s simply a matter of making the commitment and centering on steps. What would it mean to you if you could do this today?

It would better my family life for one.

You’re talking about things that are close to my heart. As a matter of fact, my specialty is supporting entrepreneurs to produce a lifestyle driven business rather than a business is driven lifestyle.

Really? How do you achieve that?

We’d start by developing a complete vision for your new lifestyle, then we’d set incremental milestones. With what you’ve told me I believe it would be possible for you to free up time, expand your income streams and meet many of your lifestyle goals by the end of this year.

I truly do need to do this. I’ve been suffering from this for too long.

I hear that. Let’s sit down and arrange a plan…

Notice that it’s not even necessary to mention a certain business, which removes the obstacle of having to define what the business is. If the prospect isn’t ready to take a step with you now, ask if they’d like to sign up for your free e-zine/report/blog so that you’re able to continue to contact them. Or, invite them to your upcoming event, — workshop or teleclass and so on.

If you do everything beautifully up to this point and then miss the ball here, it might cost you all the effort that’s gone before. Always follow up within twenty-four hours or the prospect might go cold.

Do you wait 3 days to call after an excellent meeting? A day? A week?

Establishing a client relationship is much like dating. You don’t want to appear too zealous, but you don’t want to be excessively relaxed either.

It’s essential we come across as professional and confident. If we look needy or over-eager, we’ll scare business away (and who needs that?). Following-up with prospects is a crucial tool we must use to our advantage; however, it must be utilized in a wise and measured way. Here are a few tips for great follow-up:

1. Ask for their timeline
If you know the timeline, you are able to gauge your reaction. For instance, if you know a person isn’t planning to begin for a couple of months, you won’t worry when your prospect isn’t responding at once to your proposal. On the other hand, a more rushed timetable calls for a more immediate reply on your part.

The greatest issue, In my opinion, is when your prospect states “there’s no rush, we can complete this whenever.” Without being pushy, finalize a time to meet again and put it in your calendar. It will help keep both of you accountable and keep the momentum going. Regardless of what, make certain to call or email within twenty-four hours of meeting. Thank them for their time and the opportunity.

2. Ask if your prospect would like to get your email newsletter
A first-class way to maintain consistent contact with your leads is through an email newsletter. If you don’t have one, consider making one (it’s an excellent way to promote your business and build “expert status” while providing value to your prospects and customers). If your fresh lead is on the fence, receiving your e-zine will at least remind them you’re alive. At most, it will exhibit your talent, expertise, and (maybe) convince them to do business with you.

Bear in mind, inboxes are inundated with unsolicited e-mails and spam. Make certain to get permission before you send a mass email to anyone. Additionally, supply useful, practical information your customers might use. If you’re simply marketing at individuals, they’ll get annoyed. I find that about one email newsletter a month does an effective job. Naturally, if you have time, you might send letters more frequently.

3. Send off a thank-you note
Sure, you sent an email thank you and even made a phone call. However, nothing beats a good old fashion thank you note sent via the Postal System. Somehow, being able to decipher handwriting and feel a card in your hands simply makes you feel special. If you wish to make an impact, make your prospects feel like they’re important. Send them a hand-written note inside a week of the meeting. They’ll love it.

4. Find a relevant, interesting article and send it
This doesn’t have to be an extravagant gesture. If you find a blog post your prospect would find intriguing, send them a link.

Be creative here. To make this gesture personal, make a mental note of personal details about your lead when you’re shooting the breeze with them. Do they have children? Do they like to golf? If you remember these personal details, you’re more likely to produce an impression. People do business with individuals they like. Make yourself likable, and memorable, by being thoughtful.

Remember, establishing business relationships is much like dating: you have to put yourself out there, you need to take an active interest in your people, and you need to ask for a second date (meeting). The lesson? Follow-up. You’ll produce a good impression and develop the sort of client relationships that will ensure your business success.