You Have Been Spiritually Awakened!

You Have Been Spiritually Awakened!

What is your life? What is the purpose of your life? Why are you not enjoying your life fully? Why are you so distressed and depressed? Why are you feeling you are worthless and insignificant? Why do you envy other people’s life? Why do you so much worry about other people’s opinions and judgment about you?

Well, we may answer to these questions by saying, “Because… you are not fully awakened spiritually.” Then, you may simply think you must be spiritually awakened in order to solve these problems fundamentally and make your life perfect. The reality is not such simple.

First of all, you have been spiritually awakened already. You have not been able to notice that you have been awakened spiritually because your subconsciousness has not been clear enough to notice the truth. Therefore, making your subconsciousness clear is the ultimate solution for the questions.

Then, you may ask how you can make your subconsciousness so clear. We can answer to the question; having right knowledge of your subconsciousness and practicing correctly to make your subconsciousness clear. When you experience the selflessness or the complete unification of your subconsciousness to the ultimate subconsciousness (The nirvana), your subconsciousness is clear and gains the eternity.

In the process of your spiritual advancement through right practices to make your subconsciousness clear, you will automatically you’re your spirituality and the truth. You will notice not only your spiritual awakening in the process but also the truth at the end of the process.

When you read this article, please do not get confused between the truth that will be recognized by your subconsciousness and spiritual awakening that will be recognized by inner-self or higher-self. The truth is about the selflessness. This means that you will be the truth when you experience the selflessness, therefore, the unification of your subconsciousness to the ultimate subconsciousness. You are no more yourself but the truth without selfness. By being the selfless, you will have the eternity as the truth.