General HR Questions

General HR Questions

Was it difficult to find the location ?

Mostly an opening statement, to make you comfortable. Be calm & start chatting up about your experience. Such conversations will also help you cool your nerves before the interview.

Do you want to ask us anything

MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION!! Never ever, go into an interview without preparing to ask any question. Always keep a question handy. This is your opportunity to voice any of your concern regarding the job profile, company profile, location, timing etc; if not already covered. If you really do not have any questions, ask some general questions like does company provide any higher education opportunity, does company encourage corporate social activities. Etc;

Suppose you win a huge money in jackpot, would you still work?

Few trick question like this might be thrown at you during HR interviews. These are not harmful or make-or-break your chances type of questions, however, it is wise to take such light hearted questions, in its light hearted manner (of course with a smile).

Example :

– “Depends on how much if left after my shopping”

– “Never really thought about it… maybe, I will start a company then”.

– “I always wanted to encourage entrepreneurship and motivate youth in job creation. I guess I might invest the money in some startups and still be working”

About any current news :

– If you are in the habit of reading news, don’t skip it for interview.
– Keep yourself updated, especially on the fields of your expertise and stream of education.

Avoid :

– Shabby and casual dressing
– Reaching late for interview
– Lies and false facts
– Stretching your answers beyond required time
– Arguments or debates
– Negative answers or criticisms