Ch. 06: Conclusion

Ch. 06:

Even the small things we often take for granted can add up quickly when it comes to spending money. By looking at what we spend our money on as well as HOW we spend it, we can better assess how to save cash. These thrifty spending habits are also good lessons to pass down to our children for the future. By setting a good example and paying attention to the money we spend, future generations will understand the value of hard work and of a dollar much better. If we learn how to save energy and water, we can also contribute to saving the earth and keeping her precious resources clean.

Just a few simple changes to your lifestyle can add up to hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars saved each year. Take that money and put it into a scholarship fund, or use it to help downsize some of your personal debt. Or, perhaps you can now save up for that dream vacation you’ve been waiting for. No matter what you do with the extra money, it will no doubt feel great to know that you’ve been able to save cash for other expenses or for something more worthwhile.