Ch. 05: Things That Might Happen

Ch. 05: Things That Might Happen

The unusual happenings that might or might not happen during meditation that I think are ‘normal’ and not cause for alarm, include but are not limited to:



  • Slow respiration.
  • Very, very slow, shallow respiration for lengthy times.
  • Stopped breathing… the breath might become so shallow that you believe it’s stopped.
  • Numbness in your hands… not feeling your hands… but, different than pins and needles of “falling asleep”. If you jiggle your fingers or move your hand in this state you are able to feel things – through the feelings are a little muted… not quite as sharp.
  • Numbness in arms, legs, feet, chest, body.
  • A feeling as though there is no body to confine consciousness.
  • A feeling of fatness or amplified body, head, brain, consciousness.
  • A feeling of greatly expanded consciousness whereby one may feel consciousness fill the room or amplify to room size or world-size, universe-size dimensions…
  • A feeling of being at “one” with everything. To not see any distinction between anything and your own awareness…
  • During waking hours – at any time, not scarcely while meditating, one might start to feel meditative like states. One might become aware of a blissful, alive, aware state that’s accompanied by a “light” feeling – the body is light or absent… and the brain is simply experiencing without naming in human terms utilizing the stored memory about what it’s experiencing.

Mental Activity Changes

  • A belief starts to surface that things are not opposite… there are no dualities… there’s no right and wrong… there isn’t any judgment… things merely “are” as they are… and it’s all right… it’s “correct” or the way that it “ought to be”…
  • A gradual loss of importance or meaning affiliated with physical ‘matters’ or material things.
  • Things that were humanly seen as “pretty” or ugly don’t seem as either…they simply are…
  • – There might be a feeling of intense emotion – as if affection was pouring forth from your very soul… an exceedingly blissful, ecstatic state in which you experience such perfect joy that it’s the most incredible state you’ve ever conceived of… and more so than you could have ever imagined…
  • You might meet somebody and ‘know’ or feel that you know about them… their personality, their real drives or motivations… this might happen inside seconds of knowing them…
  • While meditating, or later, while carrying out your day, you might hear a noise – a dog bark, an airplane pass overhead… and you might ‘know’ or feel that the sound was/is you… as you’re not separate from anything… it was you that you heard… and the dog is you that’s looking at you and you’re it…and etc… everything is interconnected… interlaced… interwoven… and it’s all as it ‘ought to be’ for whatever reason…

There are many, many experiences that happen that simply aren’t remembered well.

So, you might have some of the above or you might not… your experience might be entirely different, more animated or more hushed… regardless… don’t get caught in the experience… simply let it occur and when nothing is going on – center on the breathing with all your attention.