Ch. 01: Why Meditate

Ch. 01: Why Meditate

When you think, hear, speak, cry out, engage in something physical or stressful the waves are produced.

With meditation that all stops. Your brain may be totally still, unmoving. It’s really possible. When the surface of the brain quiets and becomes still we begin to see and feel what is underneath. We wouldn’t know there’s anything much underneath our consciousness except what we may see from the surface.

Why Do It

This pool is just like that. You are able to see into the water perhaps a foot or at the most a 3 feet deep. If you stumbled on this pool while walking through the woods you may guess it was about 6+ feet deep. A different way your consciousness is like to this pool is because there’s more to it than you may think.

If you’re studying your own consciousness without meditation you are able to see that you have got a waking state, a sleeping state, and perhaps daydream states and dreaming states while you rest. That’s about all we understand about ourselves on the first inspection.

This pool, like your brain, has a different dimension to it that you don’t see.

Your consciousness is deep. Truly deep. It may make this hole in the ground with water appear like a pothole it’s so deep and filled up with things to expose.

Meditation is a procedure of discovery. It’s like you’re exploring something that has never been seen previously. Really, it hasn’t. It’s you. It’s all that is below your consciousness. A few individuals believe that below our surface consciousness is a universal consciousness.

I can’t concur or take issue with that, but it’s an intriguing way to view things. Individuals that meditate in a simple way by centering on the breath till the brain stops and then simply experiencing a non-moving brain tend to have like experiences but they’re likely never the same, they’re singular to the individual. Nonetheless, they’re similar enough that when we share them with one another – we may commonly identify similar feelings and state we’ve experienced that as well. I’ve never met anybody that shared all of the experiences I have had and nor have I met 2 individuals that explained different levels or additional experiences in the precise same way. We all see the experience differently at any rate.

You’ll experience wondrous things if you happen to be a ‘natural’ and speedily progress through calming the mind and having it stop. When it stops the most astonishing things occur.