Most Productive life hacks

Check Your Phone No More Than Once an Hour

Decreasing the frequency with which you look at your phone eliminates a major potential distraction that’s blocking you from being more productive. This will take time getting used to. Since I believe discipline and willpower are way over-rated, building this habit will be much easier if you employ a set of triggers that reinforce the right behavior; in this case not looking at your phone more than once per hour. I know that if my phone is next to my computer, I am probably going to look at it regularly. So to help myself build this habit, I physically place my phone out of sight when I am working. It goes into the top drawer of my desk (on vibrate mode) so that I will hear it vibrating if one of my ‘favorite’ contacts is calling me—which only happens when something urgent is needed. Otherwise, everyone I work with regularly knows that I check for texts about once an hour and emails twice a day. You set the boundaries, and people will respect that.

Listen To Music (And Sing) While You Shower

Let’s be honest. Most of us have sung in the shower at some point, and the singing is not always of the greatest quality. You might wonder why I include this suggestion in a list of productivity tips. Well, it turns out that science now proves that singing in the shower gives us a whole lot of physical and mental health benefits. You may not remember it, but your mother probably sang lullabies to you as a baby. So when you sing it takes you back to what was a fundamental learning period of your life. Physically, singing leads to a higher immune competence, meaning you are less likely to catch bugs. People who sing also have lower cortisol levels, meaning less stress, and better hearts. Singing also triggers the release of both oxytocin and endorphins in the brain – which further relieves anxiety and helps your heart health. Regarding mental health, research shows that singing helps reduce sadness, anxiety, and depression, and has even been tied to improving chronic pain. However, remember to be kind to your household, particularly if you have followed tip #1 and woken up at 4:30 am. Blasting your tune out at full volume at that time is probably not so good for your health, particularly if it wakes up unhappy family or housemates.

Commit a Random Act of Kindness in the First Hour of Your Day

It is amazing how good helping others can make you feel. As we have seen above, the simple act of feeling happy can help your productivity. There is plenty of research to show that being kind to people makes you happier over time. Doing nice things for people improves your moods, increases your relationship satisfaction and decreases social avoidance if you are socially anxious. It even produces a hormone called oxytocin which reduces blood pressure. Getting this jolt of positive energy in the first hour or two of your day will set you up for a mentally powerful day.

Productive hack here is observing time spread and hitting the best spot. Whatever task we come across, if we can analyze the time, crowd and possible success rate, hack is easy to use than we think. The simplest hack is to do things. If you don’t do things you think contribute to your view of productivity then you won’t be productive. Thus, doing things is the simplest hack. If you are asking how to improve your productivity there are many views and all are likely to be the simplest hack for every advocate of each approach. I quickly picked up the following questions on Quora and they may be helpful in addition to the answers you receive here: For everyday tasks, you and me can save lot of time by playing smart. Here are few more use from the hack I adapted:

Shopping on Wednesday. Result : No long queues at billing counter. Salesman calls ‘Sir’ more frequently as there are few customers. OK I got it! I miss few deals but i dont care as mostly deals are to fool customer.

Buy Groceries in the middle of the month. Result : Most of, the guys rush to purchase monthly home stuff as soon as salary gets credited. Again, I can finish shopping in half the time. Less turns and trolley moves.

Heading somewhere, I chose the least known roads that saves time. You can pick Google maps to select green orange vs Red. Try it! Visiting Temples or sacred places, skip the festival dates. Gods arent there only on special days.! (I aint atheist) Going to jogging, swimming or any sport, pick the earliest or last batches. Least crowd gives more supremacy. Booking movie, plan early morning shows. Savings with prime seats guaranteed.

While everyone sleeps enroute your office, plug in and listen learning podcasts. Well this is bonus and odd list point. This subtle hack can be used in almost everytime to saving most important asset: TIME. There are many more hacks to save time by delegation, automation,etc I think this one is smarter and easy. Walk around a bit. This is a loophole with the Uber app which is out there to be exploited. Fares vary significantly within very small distances. For example, once I had to reach a place about seven miles away. The Uber app showed a price estimate of $16 for the journey. I kept changing my location on the map to nearby places and voila, the fare dropped to just $7 at a place just 5 minutes walk from where I was.

Book two seats instead of one in Uber Pool. This helps when you are traveling with luggage from the Airport and are anxious if there would be enough space in the trunk. You book an Uber pool and find out there are other passengers who you have to share the journey with and they have bags. Book two seats at just $0.5 – $1 (max) more than the price of a single seat while saving a substantial amount compared to Uber X or XL and reduce the odds of getting more passengers to share the ride with. Fewer passenger = Fewer bags = More room

Refer a family/friend . Ask around, you would be surprised to find out how many of your friends/family do not have the app yet. This is especially true with the older members of the family or friends who own a car. Refer them and get easy $15 Uber credit in your account. Oh by the way, after you refer them get them to book you a ride. That way you get $15 off from their account and another $15 credit in your own account from the referral. Smart !!

Book using Google Maps. Google Maps is currently offering a $15 discount on your ride if you order from the Google Maps app from your Android/IOS device.Login using a new account on a new phone . Bought a new phone lately? Here’s your chance to capitalize on the opportunity. Register with a different email id and get an instant $15 off on your first ride.

Feel free to cancel a ride . Now this one might sound a bit unethical. Plans change, things happen, you no longer need a ride. Feel free to cancel ! You might be charged $5 on your account, but you can easily earn it back on the next ride in the form of Uber credit once you give a false reasoning to the, cancellation.