4. Building Confidence in Your Personality

7. Building Confidence in Your Personality

1. Think positive thoughts, both about yourself and others in general.
The thoughts that we think soon turn into the words we say and the actions we take. Having good thoughts about yourself gives you self-confidence and self-respect: a hallmark of any good personality. Once you become aware of your own thoughts the process of guiding them in the right direction through positive thoughts will become effortless.
2. Show your true self.
We often come across opportunities in our day-to-day life to express our personality. Do it! Don’t try to fall in line with the crowd. Having a good personality doesn’t mean that you are like everyone else. [5] For example, if you are in a conversation with a group or an individual, try not to just constantly agree with everything that they say. Insert your own opinions and stories in a respectful and engaging way.
  • Always act like yourself. People are drawn to others who act real. If you are putting on a front it will be easy to tell.
3. Focus on the good parts of your personality.
It’s easy to get down on the parts of your personality that you need to work on. Try to avoid that. Pay attention to the parts of your personality that you think appeals to other people and try to showcase that.
4. Commit to working on the parts of your personality that you don’t like.
Maybe you think you talk about yourself too much, or that you become impatient too quickly. It’s important to recognize these things, but not to hate yourself for it. Try to pay attention to the way you are acting. The next time you start acting impatient you can catch yourself and try to respond differently to the situation.

8. Developing Your Interests

1. Try to figure out who you are.
Look deep inside yourself and think about who you are. It’s one of the most difficult things to do, but it is also really important. Try to sort out the difference between the ways you act and your real personality.
2. Decide what matters to you.
Remember, it’s a lot harder to find out what matters to you if you aren’t even sure who you really are yet. Don’t choose the things that matter to you just because other people told you they were important. Find out where your true heart lies.
  • Maybe you’ve always liked playing soccer because your dad really likes soccer. Or maybe you have always supported a certain political party because your friends support that party. Try to figure out the way you really feel.
3. Develop hobbies.
Having hobbies is a big part of having a good personality. You want to be a well-rounded person, not a cliche. Try to throw yourself into the things that you enjoy doing. You don’t even need to be good at them – just passionate.
4. Have an opinion.
Having an opinion is an important part of having a good personality. You don’t just want to be a nodding automaton. You naturally should have an opinion anyways, but sometimes people suppress their opinions to avoid conflict. Don’t be obnoxious about your opinion; just be well-informed and willing to change your mind. Don’t be afraid to ask others their views and share your own.
5. Spend time doing the things that matter to you.
Whether its playing the guitar, reading the news, or learning how to fly a plane, if you enjoy it then it’s worth spending time doing. The more time you spend doing things the more knowledgeable you’ll become. Do this for yourself, not so that other people think it is cool that you play the guitar.