10. Part-Time Movie Start

Without quitting your 9 to 6 job, I would show you how in only few hours you could be on your way to becoming a part-time movie start.

You think you have the ability to convey emotions in an interesting way and make them believable? Well, acting is a medium that allows you to do just that. You can make a fortune working part time as an actor, and all you need to begin is:

a) The desire to do it.

b) A picture of yourself.

c) An acting resume.

Once you have these three things, is a matter of time before an agent comes ringing to present you with a job offer.

Before I started acting years ago, I thought it was going to take me years to break into the business, let alone to make any money doing it. I was wrong. In a couple of days after I got my PR (picture and resume), I was already on a set shooting a commercial for a bank as the principal actor. Since that day, I have worked in more than 50 productions on lead roles and have enjoyed an experience like no other where the next opportunity could bring a new adventure, knowledge and experience, and lots of money.

Before we begin let me say that the success of an actor doesn’t have anything to do with the financial aspect of the business, even thought that’s a very important factor, the true success of an actor is to be able to act consistently and transmit feeling and emotions to an audience. Once you attain that balance in an effective manner, money will follow.

It is true that living in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Buenos Aires, or Madrid could increase your chances of getting jobs (you may have more opportunities and auditions), the strategies bellow will help you get started.
An acting career no matter where you are is a very achievable goal.

So, let’s get right to the point and allow me to present to you a guideline of the steps you need to take to become a part-time movie start by next week.
Keep in mind that to work as an actor it doesn’t matter how you look physically or how old you are. The only thing that matters is your desire to succeed. Read on.

1. Get a picture of yourself. Commonly known as a head shoot, this picture could be in black and white or in color. The ideal picture will be in color and taken by a professional photographer.
Contact a local photographer by looking in the classified section of your home town newspaper. You want a photographer that will take a minimum of two roles of pictures. Between that group of negatives, select the one you like best. With that negative in hand you get the picture printed on a 8 by 10 print with your name on it. This whole process should cost you no more than 400.00 dollars (210.00 for the pictures and 190.00 for 250 color prints with the design of your choice and your artistic name on it.

PS. Pick the picture that represent better the way you actually look. Choose one where you look comfortable and relax. Do not use too much makeup or flashy clothing.

2. Print yourself an acting resume. I know what you’re thinking. You don’t have any credits to show in a resume. Well, neither did I. Start by writing your measurements and specifications. Put your name in the top of a page (use Microsoft Word) and centered. Right under the name write the following replacing it with your own numbers:

Height: 6′ – Weight: 175 lbs – Hair: Light Brown – Eyes: Light Brown – Suit: 40R – Waist: 32-33 – Shirt: 15 ½ 33-34 sleeves – Inseam: 32 – Hat: Large – Shoes: 11 ½.

If you took some drama classes in school, write it down. At the bottom of the resume write your special skills (swimming, dancing, any sports you play, language you speak, nationality, if you can speak with accents, etc.) Do not lie on your resume.

3. Find an agent. Look in the yellow pages, business directories, newspaper, and library. Call them up, follow up on the calls.
Explain to them that you are a beginner actor looking for representation. Say that you are interested in working in commercials and that you are serious about it. Tell the, agents that you are always available for auditioning, and that you are very reliable.

Follow up, follow up, follow up, and never give up. You will get an agent to represent you in a matter of days. It is a good idea to get yourself familiar with the rules of your particular state. In some cities you can only be represented by one agent while in others you can have several agents. Never jump into a exclusivity contract unless you are very sure of what you are doing. Remember you are hiring the agent and no the other way around.

That’s it. When you have a full time job, sometimes it is difficult to find time to audition for parts, but there is always a chance to schedule an audition during your lunch hour or after work. Many of the projects I work on are shot during weekends. Pick and choose your opportunities by asking your agent ahead of time when the shoot is going to be.

As a final note, working as an actor is not an easy task. Competition in the business could be very tough. If you are really serious about making it as an actor I would recommend that you begin by taking classes as soon as possible. Classes are usually a lot of fun and not that expensive. Acting is like going to the gym, if you stop going, even for a little while, your muscles will become stiff. Classes will keep you busy and will help you gain the confidence you need to become a movie star of your, own.