Chapter 18, Ways To Calm Down Your Nerves, 18 of 21

Chapter 18

Ways To Calm Down Your Nerves

• Every time you feel your nerves are about to mess it all up, just stop thinking at that very moment and concentrate solely on breathing. Inhale deep breaths and exhale even slowly. Feel the nerves calm down inside you!

• The good old way of counting to ten; old because it has been used since ages and good because, obviously it works wonders. Whenever you feel the nervous energy building up inside you, just count to ten and watch it give way to loving calmness.

• Ever heard of laughter yoga? It combines intentionally induced laughter (genuine laughter) and yogic breathing into one fun activity from where there’s no getting out. No better way to release the tension.

• Meditating in the name of whoever you believe in is a good way of bringing in positivity, giving the hopped up nerves a much-needed break. You can also recite your favorite verses from the scripture that infuses you with a mental boost.

• For a change, try wearing a smile on your face instead of a frown. You’ll not only see but feel the change around you and eventually inside you. Keep yourself in the vicinity of cute little smile inducing one liners or figures.

• Grab a pen, grab a diary, grab hold of your thoughts, and now pour them all out. It’s the best way of releasing the built up emotions, thus releasing the nervousness that had held you captive to your own self.

• Change your environment every now and then by shifting out of everything that’s been creating a chaos inside your mind and moving to a serene environment where you can put your thoughts to rest and can rejuvenate your tensed up senses.

• Use positive affirmations. It’s a wonderful little way of inducing positivity into your system by reciting short little positive statements about your strengths and aspirations. By doing so, you’ll eventually start to visualize yourself in positive situations devoid of any negative nerves.

• Include fresh vegetables, fruits, and drinks into your diet instead of packaged food and unhealthy aerated drinks or caffeine-laded drinks. Regular indulgence in recreation activities like exercising, walking, jogging, swimming, or cycling will definitely open the exit route for your nerves.

• Most importantly, let go off that “trying to be in control” kind of attitude and take things the way they come. Life’s all about the journey and not about the destination. Enjoy the panoramic view till you reach your destination.